Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 26, 2014

Hey Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah it deserves that many exclamation points. This week has been a pretty freaking awesome week! It seems like so much has happened and so many experiences and so many miracles. I will try to share as much as there is to share. I really need to be better about writing in my journal. You will find out in a bit why it is difficult.

So first off neither you or Mom shared about Fast Track as Dad calls it and Mom calls Test Track. I believe Mom is correct in that it is Test Track. Fast Track is the little tickets you get to come back at later times and bypass all the people waiting in lines. But I did see the few pictures that Mom sent. I am surprised that Marty didn't die from the amount of princess stuff he had to sit through and deal with. I will still always remember him saying his girl was not going to be a princess girl. Well what now Marty? You have a little princess girl on your hands. It's alright he still has Zeph that he can always play with. 

Stopping off in the China area of Epcot? Sounds like it was fairly educational and fun. You know there are some differences from China and Taiwan, but there are also many many many many similarities and things that are the same. Some of the craziest feelings I have sometimes but I actually have really liked and cherished as some of the sweetest feelings while being on my mission is that while I am biking along stretches I just think Wow I am living in a different country. All I do and focus on each day is talking with people, getting to know them, helping them, teaching the gospel. That's all that I do. It's such a weird but awesome feeling that really can't be described unless you yourself have experienced it. Just thinking it that I am actually living in a different country. That I can actually speak Chinese. That I can actually handle myself, teach people, buy things, order meals. Over the next month my Chinese will even soar higher as I am really buckling down on learning the flashcards of Phase 3 using the Tunnel Method which will help to really lock things into long-term memory. But definitely each day is an adventure and that the people of Taiwan are so unique and so special. There is just a whole different world over here that you never can fully know of or appreciate or understand until you are in the heart of it and living it like a missionary (since by far due to God's blessings and help we learn the language quickest out of any foreigners that come to Taiwan).

Alright so now to share about my new area and companion. So as I said Elder Mudrow is my new companion. And what is awesome and best and also kind of creepy how well the Lord really knows us is how well right off the bat Elder Mudrow and I have gotten along. Like not just as friends and goofing off with each other, but as well as in contacting and in every aspect of missionary work working together. Like last week on Friday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders (Elder Ripley and Elder Chia. They also gave us a short notice of one day to do the exchanges. Silly ZLs, this is within a one week span that two different set of ZLs have done this), and after Elder Mudrow and I got back together we of course talk about how things went and what it was like. When I was with Elder Ripley he is a great guy and everything, but I just felt like that if I were his companion it wouldn't work, just wouldn't mesh. Elder Mudrow said the same thing about being with Elder Chia. So definitely the Lord knows us and knows that Elder Mudrow and I need to be together.

So to introduce the district. Our district consists of the Jiayi city (with secondary areas to the north and east) as well as Taibao. The Zone Leaders (Elder Chia (from Singapore, 15th move call) and Elder Ripley (from Arizona, 17th move call)) and the Sisters (Sister Chen (from Singapore and starting the 2nd movecall with her trainee) and Sister Mangelson) make up the Jiayi First Branch so they serve in the west half of Jiayi city and then have secondary areas a little to the south and a lot to the east. Then there are the Jiayi Third Branch Elders. That is Elder Mudrow (on his 8th move call and is our district leader) and me, and then Elder Chan (on his 17th move call and staying with his trainee) and Elder Ng (just started his 3rd move call). We are all together in a four man apartment which makes everything a blast and a half. Literally. So that is why it is really hard at night to actually sit down and write in my journal as we are always playing and having a good time every night. But so we have secondary areas (like 4 I think) mainly all to the north of us. Lastly in our district is the Taibao Elders. That is Elder Fiso and Elder Lazenby (he is my generation). Lastly lastly is the senior couple we have that are simply amazing. They work and serve in both the First and Third Branches. That is Elder and Sister Kailiponi. They are from Hawaii. They are very funny and make the mission so lively.

But so yeah there has been so much happening and so many good times. To start Tuesday came and I am still fairly new, but we find that that night Elder Mudrow needed to do a Baptismal Interview for the Zone Leaders' investigator. It was at the exact same time as our ward correlation at the church. As well on that day Elder Chan and Elder Ripley had gone up to Taibei with the departing group to attend the temple since they are leaving to go home half way through this move call. So Elder Ng and I are the ones attending (p.s. when I came to Jiayi the 3 Elders put the trick on me thinking that Elder Ng is a native missionary, which I just took for granted since I just came from being with a native. What threw things off a little bit though was that he was wearing a BYU shirt the first night and Elder Mudrow told me the truth that Elder Ng's dad is from Hong Kong, his mom from Taiwan, but that he has grown up in Provo. So Yeah for the next couple days Elder Ng still thought I thought he was a native but I knew and Elder Mudrow and Elder Chan knew that I knew the truth. So that was fun). So I pretty much get thrown into the deep end sharing about our investigators and such that I haven't met yet at all (pretty much sharing what Elder Mudrow shared with me as well as if Elder Ng had anything share). So to share a bit more about the Elders I see every day. Elder Mudrow is from Orem, Utah. He has an older sister and brother, both are married. He has been in Zhonghua before as well as Magong (the little island off the coast of Taiwan). Elder Chan is an English man (and pretty funny, especially with his little English wit). His dad I believe is from Hong Kong but Mom is from England. He has grown up in England. He is on his 17th move call (had his date extended to go home half way through this move call), so he is old! But it is great fun times always making jokes about Britain and America. Elder Ng is 100% American, born and raised in Provo. Elder Chan is his trainer. He just finished training and is starting on his 3rd move call. He is cute in his own little way and has a funny personality. Definitely there are still some parts of me that are adjusting to the new area, adjusting to a 4 man apartment, and just feeling like I fit in. I know I shouldn't care for the praise of man. But I also at times feel like I still haven't fully fit in yet (Elder Mudrow and Elder Chan already had a connection before Elder Mudrow moved in to Jiayi on Christmas Day. Both Elder Mudrow and Elder Chan had the same trainer).

Wednesday is Minxiong day. We bike up to Minxiong (about an hour bike ride) to visit some RCs as well as contacting. It's really pretty and cool biking to and from. It definitely gets more country rural going up that direction. On our way back we bike along these hilly roads flying past tons and tons of pineapple fields. Jiayi is supposedly most famous for their pineapple cake. So I will have to get some wherever I can and try some. Of course as well biking to and especially from Minxiong I just get more of those feelings of holy crap I am living in a different country and am actually a missionary with the only focus and worry of talking with people each day.

One of the coolest miracles I have seen through this past week is a guy that had come to English (first time) and that Elder Mudrow had set up (Elder Mudrow and Elder Chan are the doormen; Elder Ng and I are the Intermediate class teachers) to meet the next day. We met with a new investigator and taught him the full first lesson as well as he accepted a baptismal invite for 2/22. We had invited him to come to church, but Saturday night he said he might only be able to come to the last hour due to family things. Sunday came and he couldn't come to church but he did come to the baptismal service at 12:30 that the Zone Leaders had. It was really great for him to see that and we will be able to build off that. What was even greater a miracle was that the Brother who said the closing prayer the new investigator recognized as a friend and a previous peer from down in Gaoxiong. He didn't even know he was a member. But so he has a friend and that will be great to help in his progression.

So crazy thing from the week. On Friday after weekly planning all four of us Elders were standing around getting ties on and talking about actual lengths to do ties at (because Elder Mudrow had retied his tie since it wasn't at a good length) and Elder Chan joking about fat people it doesn't really make a difference since it will always be way out in front on the belly. But so as soon as Elder Chan was saying this the floor ride underneath him starts hissing. Elder Chan gets this look of terror on his face and we are all freaking out going oh man what is happening. Elder Chan and Elder Ng book it out the door running down stairs to see if the neighbors down stairs are poking into the ceiling while Elder Mudrow and I are kind of trapped in the apartment and backing down the hall poking our heads around the door frames. We watch as it continues to hiss and all of a sudden the tiles in a straight line push up. So we get this ridge now in our apartment. It was so funny though because Elder Chan with his look of terror (since it started happening right under him) and Elder Ng booking it out the door and running down stairs banging on the door. And then Elder Mudrow and I stuck inside poking our heads around expecting some pipe to explode (we really thought it was a pipe). We later found that because MondayTuesday, and Wednesday were butt nipping cold and then it turned around pretty warm, it messed with the concrete (which by the way the Taiwanese people love in making their buildings) so that it contracted and expanded so quickly it pushed up on the tiles on our floor. Some guys just came today and replaced the tiles and put new ones down. It was just a really funny experience because of the perfect timing of all us 4 Elders standing around right on that spot.

So this next week mark the start of Chinese New Year. It starts on Thursday and goes through to the next week. I don't know what quite to expect, but it will be a lot of fun. Since pretty much everything closes down, us missionaries are getting qinged (or basically having meals made for us) every day. We have been told though as part of courteousy and politeness to bring small gifts to the families that will host us as well as we are given up to 2 hours for the meal times as it could be rude to leave early from festive times like these.

Well as I remember now, Happy Birthday Allisa! Judi Shengri Kuaile! I hope you have a great birthday!

As for myself for birthday, anything that you know can bring a smile to my face or make me laugh or just make me happy is good. There really isn't any need for possessions now because there is no time and is secondary to my purpose and my life right now as well as moving gets to be hastles. Like I am seriously thinking of just dumping some of my MTC books in the Jiayi apartment since I already have them all at home in Utah and they are a pain to move with with the weight and the space they take up.

I already told mom about the medicine. Deodorant is ok. Vitamins will last me through the mission. I am thinking garments will be for sure ok through to Christmas or I am hoping and banking on to the end of the mission. Shoes are doing great. I mainly wear the one Johnston & Murphys because they are the most comfortable and I like the most, so they are getting nice and worn. But I still have two other pairs. So shoes will be ok. I would say if you are going to send any candies or yummy stuff send things that are not in Taiwan. Like Reeses or Rolos for example. Just try and think of stuff that is not in Taiwan and that is comfort to me, reminds me of home, makes me appreciate what I have and love you all the more!

I love you all with all my heart and more! I miss you all all the time and wish you all the best! Happy Chinese New Year!

Elder Roo

Jan 20, 2014

So how to start......I guess I will share through my past week as well as it is the last week in Fengshan. So past P-day Elder Chen and I rode around Fengshan and would just take pictures as we rode. It was actually really fun as it was great to people take some memories of my first area and be able to share with you these memories. I do have some videos but these will have to wait until after the mission because we cannot send videos (I actually don't know if we can take videos but I couldn't pass recording an intersection so you see what it is like as well as a Buddhist temple having tons of fireworks). As well during that time we went to that coin store and I found you some pretty cool coins! :) Some old, and a new one. Which actually brings to mind a question that frequently comes up. What in the world does everyone want from Taiwan? Like I have thought through of some few things I myself would like to get from a sword to a traditional painting landscape to maybe some traditional clothes. But as for you and the rest of the family I have no idea. I do try and keep my eyes open for things I would think you would like. But I also feel it would be helpful if maybe people voiced their interests or ideas. As well as I am finding it will be a little hard to find some things and may be being in the right place at the right time as Taiwan has become more modernized or can say westernized. Much things I could buy here I could easily buy on the internet in the States. But I am keeping my eyes open for more traditional stuff and things that can't be found in the States.

To now tell you a funny experience. Along Daming Road just a little north of where our apartment is are some parks. Without fail every night about 9 as we come back home along Daming Road in the park right next to the road (like literally right next to the road) there are these old people who dance. They have old traditional Chinese or Taiwanese music they dance to (both old men and women, the women wearing little frilly skirt things) as well as having other old people as the audience. But this past week was special. As we were riding back, I can see them all out again dancing and barely hear the music. As we get closer and closer I start to hear the music more and more clearly. Then it brought a smile to my face and made me start laughing. This night the old people weren't dancing to old traditional stuff. They were dancing to none other than Gangnam Style by Psy. It was probably the funniest thing I saw out of the whole day.

On Wednesday at English it being our last week we have an English Party. Building up to this Elder Magnuson had never asked Elder Chen and I what we were going to do. We find out Wednesday morning that we were going to be the doormen for that night. Let me tell you that is one of the most boring things ever. Everyone was up on the 3rd floor but we were down on the first floor to handle people coming and help any new people fill out a form. We had maybe 3 new people come this past week. So needless to say it got pretty boring as we sat there for an hour and a half. 

Then came Thursday night which is follow ups night with the district leader. Elder Chen was on the cell phone talking with Elder Magnuson following up while I was sitting working on the plan for the next day. All of sudden our home phone rings and it is Elder Raley our zone leader. He says yeah I know it's kind of late in the move call and everything but we would like to go on exchanges and I would like to come to Fengshan and be with you. Normally with exchanges leaders let you know a week before. This time it was a day before :p But so it actually worked out really well and that Elder Raley and I had a fun time. We taught a couple lessons, one being a first time meet. In one new investigator we just met, I have seen just how honest and humble a man can be. He is 56 years old but he is already retired. That morning he actually had biked back from Ping Dong to Feng Shan. But we had a great time introducing ourselves, sharing about our lives, getting to know him and teaching about Heavenly Father and prayer. We invited him to pray every day and he is willing so Elder Chen and his new companion Elder Greenhalgh will be following up today with him. As well Elder Raley and I invited him to be baptized. At first he was hesitant and speaking honestly that he doesn't know enough and not ready. But we explained to him if he came to know these things were true and received an answer, would you be baptized. And he said yes! But he wouldn't accept a date as he doesn't feel ready as well as possibly too much stress. We did try inviting to church as well, but we could tell it was putting too much stress on him. So he said he would come back to English again the following week. I pray and hope that he will progress. He really is an honest and open man who likes to talk and really shares his true feelings.

Elder Raley's invite that he gave me was to write down what I shared with him about my mission expectations as well as a simple plan to go about achieving it. This is what I shared with him and has come from different parts and different people: Enjoy my time by being impervious to all but my calling, my companion, myself, and the people I serve as I help them to become converted unto Christ. The greatest and simplest plan I have thought that will help to accomplish and achieve this is the Purification Project. This was an experience that two Elders had in Florida and was written up so that other missionaries could see. President Blickenstaff has invited every missionary to go through this process. I started yesterday. We begin by fasting. During this fast we ponder on the things that are holding us back, driving the Spirit away, causing us to be impure as well as the things we should be doing but are not doing. We write these thoughts and impressions of everything down. Then we go through a process of 40 days where each day we wake up and in prayer plead for strength that we may avoid or do the things that are on our list. At night in prayer we give an accounting to the Lord for each item. If we failed we ponder on it and share with the Lord why we failed and what we can improve upon and ask for greater strength the next day for that item. Through this process we will see miracles and be the instruments the Lord needs us to be wherever we are. Truly for me I feel this will help in abundance with being able to enjoy in so much more fullness my days, being able to lose myself in the work and thinking of others, and lastly to witness the miracles as people come unto Christ and truly develop the conversion needed to be built upon the sure foundation, Christ.

And now that I have been keeping you on the edge of your seat, to find out where Elder Dayley has moved to!!!!! Are you ready?! Are you steady?! Are you peeing your pants?!!!!!! As Elder Dayley closes a chapter, the first chapter of his time on the lovely island of Taiwan and leaving his birthplace, he speeds north on the train to arrive at none other than Jiayi! That is right! I have moved north about an hour and a half by train to the city of Jiayi. I will be serving in the Jiayi 3rd Ward. My new companion is Elder Mudrow. He's told me that our part of the city is the more country, rural part of the city. As well as President Blickenstaff has told me that I will enjoy my time with Elder Mudrow and that he is a hard worker. I can't wait! I really hope to learn a lot as I have in my first area and excel to become the person Heavenly Father sees me as. was weird and interesting feelings leaving Gaoxiong and Fengshan. I didn't cry.......I don't know why but just more often than not at more sentimental or sad times like these I just don't seem to cry. I definitely feel the emotions and everything, but the tears just don't come. I definitely cry. I have cried before here on my mission. But it always seems like I cry in the most unexpected times and not at all at the expected times. Like when you dropped me off the second time at the MTC, I didn't cry. I was just looking forward and already spinning the wheels on my little missionary car. When Elder Dailey was leaving, the night before as we biked back home with Zhong I had tears come to my eyes in part as my dad was leaving me as well as feeling the emotions for Elder Dailey as he was going home. But the next day at the train station and everything I didn't cry. My little missionary car wheels were already spinning as I moved to the next step. And so I feel it as the same as I have left my birth town to come to a new area with a new companion, a new ward, new people, and new experiences. My little missionary car wheels are already spinning as I think forward and look ahead. Definitely yesterday as I was biking home from church I had some sentimental and melancholy feelings as tons of memories flooded ranging from Elder Dailey to Elder Chen. Guess I am just an unexpected crier.

I love you so much! I miss you all the time! I pray for you and the rest of the family all the time! Go enjoy Florida for me with Allisa and her Family! Make Sahara giggle! Tell her her uncle loves her and thinks she is the coolest ever!

Elder Roo

Jan 13, 2014

     So first off to share some in the moments thoughts and feelings. Your letter that you sent from December 17 came last Monday. That to me was one of my greatest blessings I had as I pretty much got an instant answer from you to my email in the same day. It's interesting as well that President Blickenstaff today in reply to my email from last week echoed similar if not the same thoughts and feelings that you did. He talked about becoming so busy in the work and involved that it doesn't give time to think about myself or worry over myself. To lose my life in the work. . He did say he appreciates my desire to consecrate myself though. Now to pull it back to missionary work. I feel that I have the struggle with putting expectations on myself, particularly to the point that there is no room for errors, that it is people's souls, and that I cannot make a mistake. Maybe in part this then makes me nervous and scared to move forward and act because I don't want to mess up. But I realize that that is not what the Lord wants for us. He does not want us to receive a talent and then hide it in the earth. What sometimes makes life more difficult is when I have leaders that say I need to be doing more, or doing this better, or giving more. In part it makes me feel like what I have been doing is not satisfactory at all and that's where the perfectionism kicks in and starts to degrade me.
     So I realize and understand that a lot lately emails are just about me. Don't misunderstand me. I really want to lose myself in this work and to really share about what happens and experiences. The hardest thing though is that flat out here in Fengshan we have just been having rejection after rejection. That investigator who we had been meeting with last week when we called told us that he can't meet with us right now because his mom wants him focusing on learning ice cream, business, and management. So he will have to wait until February to be taught. Another investigator in all reality has not improved really ever since Elder Dailey left. He still smokes 5 cigarettes a day. His mom still opposes. He definitely has an understanding, testimony, and faith. But his faith is not enough. Granted I understand that over the past month his younger brother has been in the hospital for some unique disease so that he has been having to work extra at their family restaurant as well as himself getting a cold. But he hasn't come to church in over a month, we finally went to his family restaurant last week (been probably 3 or 4 weeks since we met with him) to sit down and talk. Of course we have been calling him and caring for him. But last week while we were talking with him I just opened up plainly to him saying if you really had faith you would quit smoking, you would express to your family the importance of attending church (his family wants him working on Sunday during church time), as well as expressing your faith and testimony to follow the Savior by being baptized even if your mother opposes. He has as well developed a twisted view about if a doctor tells him to drink 100 cc or tea or beer or smoke a certain amount of cigarettes each day he will do it but he won't accept any more from other means (like friends or himself going out to buy more just for the pleasure). He then feels that to repent and it will all be good. The doctor tells him to do this because it will help him live and if he doesn't do it he will die much sooner. We have taught and testified to him of how this is not true and repentance doesn't work that way. But yeah that is pretty much his situation. As for other potentials that we have we have met with several people once, but then when we try to set up again to meet they say they are too busy with work or they don't know what their schedule is like. So pretty much it turns into this cycle of trying to call people to set up and in the moment they can't talk because they are at work or school or that when they can talk they don't know when they have time or simply say currently I am busy. Lots of people lately have been telling us to call after Chinese New Year or that they aren't in 高雄 right now and will be back after Chinese New Year. Then many people who we contact don't want to exchange information. But we do get several that we get information and refer outside our area (because they don't live in our area). Most importantly of all is that I keep just trying my best each day even though at times it has been hard and caused my drive or testimony to wane. But right now I feel the roller coaster rising and going up and feeling more motivated and pumped to move forward. I really am praying and striving to consecrate myself to be better. Our mission right now is going through a purification process to really consecrate ourselves.
     So as well today I am going to a coin store I found this past week to check it out. I guess I will get some practice as well to try and haggle.
Now to what I wish to share today. So over the past 2 days I have been pondering and studying over humility or humbling myself and grace. I wish to share with you what I have written in my journal. Pull out your scriptures as there are several I have found that have taught and uplifted me.

Humility and Grace

It's a funny thing that when you become proud and arrogant as well as trusting in yourself rather than trusting in God how greatly Heavenly Father can bring you to your knees in humility. Truly I need His strength and help with the divine grace of Jesus Christ each day. This spiritual manna is a necessity each and every day, and Heavenly Father has brought me down to the depths of humility that mine eyes might be opened, that I may trust undoubtingly, that I may declare with fervor the truth and divinity of the Christ, and by this supplication each day for and trust each day in divine help I may be made strong and reach my potential.

To begin our quest we start in Ether 12:27

Weaknesses are normal. Every person has them. And of a necessity, they are needed. Without them we would not grow, would not develop, and ultimately Heavenly Father's grand plan would not work. By our weaknesses we are humbled and become teachable (if we are honest with ourselves and come to acknowledge the imperfections in our lives). By this humility we come to recognize the need for a Savior and accept His grace.

Continuing on to Jacob 4:7

Again by our weaknesses we come to see how dire it is to have His grace. It is by His grace and His great condescensions (not just one, but many, as many as the sands of the seas, as He stooped, literally suffered, to stoop lower than any man, woman, or child to take upon Himself our weaknesses and our sins by coming down from His divinity and dignity to lower that any human) that we are capable of doing anything in our life, including the greatest of any goal, obtaining eternal life.

So what is grace and what does it entail? Turning to the Bible Dictionary (read the whole entry on grace) we find "the main idea of the word is divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ.
“This grace is an enabling power that allows men and women to lay hold on eternal life and exaltation after they have expended their own best efforts.
"However grace cannot suffice without total effort on the part of the recipient."
We find how much of a necessity there is for this divine help, but even more importantly that it doesn't come until after we expend our own best efforts. Of these efforts required, humility is a major factor towards receiving this divine grace or help and strength

Now to Doctrine & Covenants 19:29-30

As a missionary myself (and as every member is a missionary, it is applicable to everyone) I have the solemn calling to preach, to declare glad tidings that all may see. But in all honesty (and something, a realization, made more and more aware to me and recently brought me to my knees in humility) is the necessity of the Lord's hand in my life to do this work. I am weak. I have already complained, gone on in rote murmuring, and voiced my hurt and pain from my weaknesses. The Lord has heard but has applied different means to answer by bringing me down so that He may build me up. Never before has there been so great desire or need to be humble and to trust in the Lord with all my heart.

Continuing on to Doctrine & Covenants 54:3

So in addition to all I have been taught by friends and family to become a clean and virtuous man, to escape my enemies, whether they be literal or figurative, I need to continue to repent and truly humble myself. Acknowledge my imperfections and weaknesses. Expend my greatest efforts. But most importantly turn to the Lord each day。 No care or concern for my own dignity, but willing to acknowledge I am weak, willing to be taught, and trusting in the divine grace with all my heart that strength will be given to do the seemingly impossible.

So why is it even important to humble ourselves? Well if none of my previous words have answered this for you, look at Doctrine & Covenants 61:37

"The blessings of the kingdom are yours." All that the Father hath, He is willing and wants to give to you. He asks that we humble ourselves. If you have a hard time imagining what the blessings of the kingdom are, I can tell you with certainty and understanding that some of those blessings include returning to live in our Heavenly Father's presence with perfect bodies, our family will be eternal meaning that death or anything else will not separate us and we can continue to abound in each others love and presence, and that we very much have the potential to become like God.

Now to Doctrine & Covenants 112:10

A specific invite with a specific promised blessing. As we are humble, we will be led by the hand. And who shall lead us? God Himself. In addition we will receive answers to our prayers. Now God leading us by the hand can be interpreted how you wish. To me and my understanding, it is said in the scriptures that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are One God. Not is the literal sense, but as their wills and their goals and purposes are all the same with no difference, the expression One God is applicable. So very much when Heavenly Father works through the Holy Ghost, He can lead us by the hand and answer our prayers.

To me that is what being humble entails. We work with our greatest efforts, acknowledging and understanding that we are imperfect and have weaknesses that cause us to fall short. But as we come to acknowledge, to recognize these facts of life, we turn towards that which is the answer, that which is the key, that which is the way, Jesus Christ. By our faith and trust in Him, we become strong. By our faith and trust in Him, we have the energy to carry on. By our faith and trust in Him, we can do the impossible.

This becomes possible to us each day by means of the Holy Ghost. The Lord will place little spiritual spheres of light ahead of us each day to help us navigate in our life to arrive safely at the shores of exaltation. We simply need to hear and listen to the Spirit. And so it comes all back to becoming humble and trusting in the Lord to do the impossible.

I love you Dad! I love you Mom! I love you Allisa and your family! I love you Allaina and your family! I love the puppies most of all! I miss you all the time but now is the time to humble myself and turn my life over to the Lord. To lose myself in this work!

Elder Roo