Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 27 2014 Letter

Hey Mom!
Well I am sorry to hear that your application for the Marriott school was placed as an alternative. I can understand how that would be quite a downer and pretty discouraging. Don't give up though! You can still apply again come August and whatever comes it will work out how it should.

Do you remember what happened almost 4 and half years ago? This would have been about the very end of February or beginning of March. I was in my junior year of high school. I was taking my classes, 3 AP classes in fact (Calculus, Physics, and U.S. History). Do you remember that throughout all of February I went to every single early morning conditioning training in preparation for high school soccer tryouts? Never missed one. Do you remember that I went to try outs and that there was well over 100 people trying out? And remember that I made it to the last day of try outs? Do you remember what happened?......I was cut. Didn't make either team. Do you remember how sad and distraught I was? I was so sad that I just said I am done with soccer. I don't want to play anymore. Even several Seniors told me that I was good enough and should have made the team. But Dad talked me and reassured me into playing with my club team for the fall, my last fall to really be able to play on a competitive soccer team. And you know what in retrospect I look back see how much there was that blessed me from what happened, even though at the time I had a vision and desire of what I wanted to have happen (to play on the high school team my junior and senior year). I had much more time during the spring that I could practice and prepare for my AP tests that I got a 5 on the BC Calculus test and a 4 on each of the Physics and U.S. History tests. Then even though that last year of competitive soccer we weren't the best or anything, we all just had a fun time just more kind of playing for fun.

Then even look at what has happened over the last couple years. Went to the MTC, came home, going through probably some of the most difficult trials and times of my life. Making it back out, staying in the MTC the full 9 weeks. There are no such things as coincidences. If I had gone to Taiwan at any other time I would not have been trained by Elder Dailey (which I still feel and know with my heart that he was exactly the one who needed to train me). I mean even look at it. I was called to the exact same mission again. As my mission time goes on and I talk with others, I have come to learn just how rare it can be that a missionary who had a call previously gets the exact same call the second time. It doesn't really happen that often.

So keep your chin up! Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need to do and where you need to be. 

So my last area that I was in was the ZhongXing Zone (中興地帶), I was serving in Zhanghua City (彰化市), and I was in the Zhanghua 1st Ward (彰化一支會). 

Also while it is on my mind, yes I did get your package as well as the big letter you sent. I love the talks you included! Especially the one by President Monson about the Goliaths we face. Thanks so much for sending the package! With some of the cookie packages I would put them in with my oatmeal, soymilk, banana breakfast. Really yummy! :D Today though I made for breakfast a chuabing (the tortilla thing with an egg on it) and added on it this time mango. Super yummy! :D I don't know what I am going to do when a few months pass by and the mango season ends. Or even when going back to the states where there aren't really any good mangos. But so yeah you can maybe send a sweater in a package to wear for the winter time, that way I am not just having my rain jacket only (like it was last winter). 

So I feel actually that Elder Randall and me are doing really good. Like this past week we have really grown a lot closer. We did go on exchanges at one point and talked with the missionaries we were on exchanges with about finding the middle ground to work well together (basically we have come to the conclusion that Elder Randall and I work really well in different strengths that differ from each other). So we are working to become even better building off what each others strengths are and working as effectively as possible. But so this past week (actually just a couple days ago) we got our Duanchuan, or short term missionary.  He is from the Nantun district here in Taizhong and will be with us for 10 days. So not actually set apart but opportunity to see what being a missionary is like. He is 17 and is still in High School. And yes we can tell and know that he is still 17. I know I am only 21, but even at times I still feel too mature for my age and really work at just trying to be a kid sometimes and enjoying the childhood joys and wonders in my life. The best way I can explain how our duanchuan is is that one you would need to watch a MASH episode from season 4 about when Hawkeye helps patchup a really big marine who then while he is still at the 4077 healing up goes crazy out of the way of always trying to repay back Hawkeye and Honeycutt. But like he is kind of oblivious of how he acts or is treating others. Our duanchuan is good, but funny too how much still is like a kid. He has a really good testimony and isn't afraid to share the gospel at all. It's like when I was little and we would go to parks or other places I would insist on running out in front leading, but I honestly had no clue or idea where we were going so I would always look back at you and Dad to see where we were going. Our duanchuan very much is like this. So it makes me feel like Elder Randall and I are like parents and helping teach and such our duanchuan. That is what we are trying to find the balance right now with our duanchuan is letting him have fun but also teaching and kind of disciplining him a little. Like he has sometimes kind of acted like he is the one running the show and calling the shots (which no he is not). But I am just a more quiet person and not super mean or harsh in speaking towards people. So I don't ever snap at him when he has done sometimes things like that. But he has actually been doing really good now on the 3rd day. It was kind of cute and funny that he was so tired this morning that he fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of personal study. Granted I feel bad that he has to sleep on the sofa because we literally have no other mattresses. Elder Randall and I each have one mattress (which more feel like the spring boards of a bed) and then underneath a wood plank board. Not really much, but no way am I giving up my bed! Have to face some realities duanchuan! Plus I am too big for the sofa. So is Elder Randall. And so is our duanchuan. So it doesn't really fit for anyone. But we will make do for the week.

But I think having the duanchuan has helped Elder Randall and I to grow closer and build our relationship. To be all honest the first day I had a hard time having our duanchuan because his personality is exactly the one I do not like and if had my choice I would just leave and let be, never really being a friend or anything to a personality like that because it doesn't fit well with mine at all. But it is something I see more now with Dad's comment that you can't run away as a missionary. You can't fight as a missionary. All you can do is humble yourself. Which actually I have been doing more now over the last couple days and today while studying on Charity in Preach My Gospel really stood out to me more. Charity is the pure love of Christ. It is the love that Christ has for every single person. It made me think of a scripture that I read recently as I have carried in the Book of Mormon nearing the end of Mosiah. I think it is in the beginning of Mosiah but it talks about how Christ has never taught nor the prophets never taught that salvation can never come for any person. Christ's salvation is given to every single person. That means the ones that make bad choices, the ones that ridicule, hate, kill, harm, criticize, and destroy. He still has love for every single person. That is what it means to have Charity. When you can love every single person. No wonder the Lord taught to love those that despise you, to love your enemies. Even more Charity is gift. It is something we need to ask for....all the time! But one other particular part that stood out to me is how those who strive to have charity they avoid things such as envy, lust, covetousness, etc. You can't have these feelings and have charity and love for someone. They simply can't coexist. You can't see someone as a child of God, truly love them as the Savior would and be happy for them if you have these competing feelings of envy, lust, etc. It made me really feel how small my charity and love is and how much I need to grow and improve my charity. Something the mission does. Makes things so much crystal clear of what you need to improve, change, and add upon.

Yeah as for English class this past week guess how many people we had (this was the day of the typhoon, which wasn't really that bad and also the rain gear I have is fine. Works really great for the rain storms. The lighter rain is when things get annoying because you can start to get wet with light rain or start to sweat a lot because it is still fairly hot with the light rain)? We had a total of 20 people. The Beginning class didn't even have any students so the Sister missionaries joined our intermediate class. But yeah hopefully this Wednesday with no typhoon (which people always get scared about) we should be back up to hitting 100 people. We also really emphasized in our Ward correlation meeting with the ward mission leader how we want more members attending our English class to help during spiritual share, help with meeting with investigators afterwards, and getting to know non-members. And I was super happy that our ward mission leader was a boss in following up and reporting about it in Ward Council yesterday and in priesthood opening exercises. So hopefully it goes through well that more members attend.

Well this is pretty long now. I hope all is well with you! Let me know if there is anything I can do! Love you lots!

Elder Roo

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 20 2014

Hey Dad!
Sounds like so much time and money have been going into renovating the carpet and painting the walls. I feel like it will be so different and not like walking back into the home I was accustomed to. I can't imagine it taking up too much of your time though. Unless you are the one who is painting and getting all messy! :D

In all honesty I don't really feel like I was spilling my guts over an email a couple weeks ago. I just kind of type what comes and what flows. That's why maybe sometimes I don't really write much about areas or people or such because I just write what comes from the heart and from the mind. Sometimes I don't write a lot about people and things as well because in all honesty Dad the people I have been privileged to meet and be associated with actually have their own unique stories and I never seem to be the missionary that is actually involved with baptism. Like for instance back in Zhanghua I ended up making one of my best friends in Taiwan, Ian, but he was not in my ward. He was Elder Kou and Chiang's RC that they taught and baptized. But we saw each other many times and would hang out on P-day's and he helped to sit in on lessons with us several times. Was I ever the missionary to teach him or baptize him? Nope! About the other investigator he kind of slipped out of my emails because within a matter of days giving him a baptismal goal, him finally coming to church that Sunday for sacrament meeting, and then emailing you about him that Monday, that Monday night I called him to see about when we could meet during the week (he didn't set up after church the day before) and he talked about how that he was just going to read the Book of Mormon at home over the next month. I really tried hard to listen, understand him, discern his needs and such. I talked with him for about 20 minutes on the phone from reviewing over some things of the Message of the Restoration, him saying about how in 3rd Nephi (we gave him this assignment to read) the Savior instituting the sacrament used wine but we were using water, and so on. I several times talked with him about mine and Elder Oldham's purpose and that we would be there to help him, inviting him at least 4 or 5 times to keep meeting with us, but he was pretty set upon reading the Book of Mormon himself at home over the next month (his wife didn't even oppose against meeting with us or anything). So he said we could talk again with him in August. 

So Dad, a mission is exactly what the Lord knows you need to have. I am not a flying stars and colors boy who comes home with 50 baptisms on my shoulders. I am still not quite sure what kind of missionary Heavenly Father exactly sees in me and wants me to become. I do strive to always humble myself and come before him, desiring that I may know His will and submit myself to his will. I will share something with you. I feel that never before in all my life have I felt more the difference of having a spirit and a body. The spirit child of a Heavenly Father and a body of earthly parents that is corrupt and contains within it the natural man. I have felt more than just one occasion how much the spirit yearns within to be obedient and do what is right when the body is yearning, lusting, desiring after things of the flesh. It's actually interesting that coming to Taiping there have been a couple times now where I have slept through the alarm because of just how exhausted I have been (in part from how hard we are working and in part because I still work through my weaknesses and having doubts and worries that tire you out, that yes I working to drop and let be).

Dad, I understand the lessons and things you share with me and tell me with about the 3 points. The thing I want to bounce back and say is about point 3. I know, I know to go out work and have fun. That I don't need to stress. May I make a point though as well. I am not an Elder Rodeback or an Elder Ellison. They have their very specific missions for them and their needs. They have served in very different parts of the world compared between all of us. But missions are not about comparing, even trans-mission comparing, or even same generation comparing. So yes Elder Rodeback came to love his mission and didn't even want to be back. Elder Ellison has the unique personality and gift to love just about everything and everyone he is involved with. I wish I could talk with you face to face. I love my mission with all my heart. I echo what Dave Collings said that it is one of the hardest, trying, and pushing to your limits experiences that I would not trade away for anything else. I love my mission for what it has taught me and given to me and will still yet give to me. To take from Bianca Collings email is a funny saying that also I heard once or twice my MTC teachers tell us that I believe to be true. My MTC teacher often said: "state side missionaries come home gospel scholars, South American missionaries come home wet, European missionaries come home fluent and Asian missionaries just come home humble". 
I believe it very much that Pat gained his conversion and very much is a gospel scholar now who knows the gospel principles and doctrines in his heart. I know that Cody is always wet it seems, but he always has a smile and laughing even when he is wet. For me I don't think I have ever had a more humbling experience than my mission and wish sometimes that I was just that much more humble to acknowledge the Lord and all he has blessed me with. So with kindness, please do not continue to think or compare that I am like Pat or like Cody or that I turn out exactly as you see them. The Lord has been refining me and continues to keep me in the furnace right now of my mission until next year when I come home and have become the man the Lord has destined for me to be. So maybe instead come down on knees not seeking that I become like a Cody or Pat but that I may be more and more humble enough to always be coming to the Lord to seek His will and become what He wants me to be. And if this happens, it will all work out. I will come home not quite the same but refined to be who Heavenly Father wants me to be for the next stage of my life. 

So as for my new area, it actually has a total of 6 missionaries in it. Elder Randall and I, then Elder Ward (the one from my MTC district) and his trainee Elder Aimes, then Sister Tsoi and Sister Parkinson (who are the Sister Training Leaders and serve in the Taiping ward and Dongying ward). Elder Ward and Aimes cover most of the northern part of Taiping while Elder Randall and I cover most of the southern part of Taiping. It's been fun and interesting always moving to a new area and trying quick to get adjusted. There are a fair number of factories like in my last area, so there is a mixture of different Asian people here. Tracting so far has actually not been as good as I would like, but the contacting is a lot stronger and people more kinder and willing to listen. With Elder Randall sometimes I feel like what Ozzy Osbourne is saying about coming off the rails on a crazy train. Seriously with Elder Randall he is very energetic, also quite a loud person, who loves to talk. It seems like from just coming out of training with Elder Bennett (who was my Zone Leader down in Gaoxiong) he didn't get as much to talk, but being with me who is a little more naturally quiet he talks a fair deal more. I actually have had a few people sometimes ask if I am the senior companion or if he is (which I don't like, but I am just not naturally as talkative and out there kind of guy as Elder Randall). But Elder Randall is really good and has already taught me a lot. One thing we do with the other Elders around here since we have the stake center is set up basketball on Saturday afternoon and invite investigators, RCs, and others to come and play. It gets way fun and feel like my basketball is now going to improve. We also play each Monday morning with the other Elders and some members. 

But so to give you and idea of where Taiping is, it is just east outside of the city. I can bike to the Mission home in about 20 minutes and be in downtown Taichung. As with the 9 year old boy right now, Wu, we are trying to get set up with his aunt to meet with his mom. Wu's older sister has already been baptized. Apparently also his dad may or may not be in their life at all. So his mom is pretty hard working going to work at like 9 in the morning until 11 at night (because we went by with the ward mission leader in the morning at 11 to try and sit down with Wu and his mom, but she wasn't there). So that is our next step right now with him (his aunt by the way is a member). Yeah, over the last 3 weeks the companionship I am in has had 3 baptisms. The weekend before I came there were 2. Then just last week there was 1. I don't really toot my horn about it or anything because I really was not involved with them at all. The guy, Jerry, baptized this past week had been in Cambodia for the previous two weeks teaching English as part of a College program. So I had never met him until the baptism that night. Like I said I have never really been the missionary to be having all the baptisms. I really do desire and hope and feel in my heart there has to be at least a couple more people that I can really help in being the one to learn of the gospel, come unto Christ, and be baptized. But yeah another big part of my responsibilities right now is being English Leader. It may not seem like much but actually has a lot of things to do and sometimes stress. I mean before when I was in Zhanghua and being English leader it wasn't too bad. I had 10 missionaries to lead, and we were averaging about 65 students a week at the end when I left. But now moving here, it is so much bigger! I got here and found out that besides just the Dongying and Taiping missionaries, the Wufeng missionaries would stop teaching at a school and join together with us at the church. So now I have 12 missionaries to lead, and with the two English programs combining together we have for the last two weeks both times hit 98 students coming and attending. I feel like we are going to burst the classrooms!

We had a really good investigator (I never really like the term golden and actually I don't think once I have ever said it on my mission, it is much over used and just about every single missionary says that about every single investigator; me I just don't like it) that I added from our English class to meet with us at a different time. We taught the first lesson about the Restoration with him, and he really shared a lot and expressed a lot of his own feelings and thoughts (which was way awesome). We invited him to be baptized and he accepted a baptismal goal for August 16. The sad part though is that we now know he doesn't live in our area but lives in the Dongying area. So we are referring him and will introduce him to Elder Christiansen and Elder Williams on Wednesday after English class.

Other news...this Saturday or Sunday Elder Randall and I are going to have a duanchuan (a short-term missionary) from Nantun in Taichung be with us for 7-10 days (don't know how long yet). So it's going to be way fun! Hopefully not too hectic or anything and leave a good impression for Brother Wang (the duanchuan). 

So the first picture, this little sucker came walking out during personal study! I was reading scriptures and looking down and just see it go walking by my feet and then towards Elder Randall's desk. We sprayed it with bug spray but it still was twitching for like 3 or 4 hours afterwards. This has been the biggest one yet that I have found inside an apartment.

Next is at Shitou Kaorou (basically a buffet, yes we are probably spoiled here in Taiwan that we can eat at buffets and still budget it in with monthly expenses). It was Elder Ward's 20th birthday. So all the Elders from our district as well as some members and some investigators went and ate together. Ended up being 500 kuai per person since we paid for Elder Ward.

Next is later that day we went to the Department store next to the Mission office and went to the book store. I got Ender's Game in Chinese! And no I am being good and not reading it right now. But my goal is to be able to read it when I come home.

I have a few more pictures I will send. But this has been about it for me over on the island of Taiwan. I also don't really think the Typhoon will affect us much here in Taichung. We are about at the safest part of Taiwan when it comes to Typhoons. 

Love you so much! Miss you always! Love the family as well!

Elder Dayley

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13 Letter

Hey Dad!
Sorry for this week being a little shorter email. Here is my letter to President:
Hey President!
So this week has been intense! Elder Randall is such a strong missionary. He has already through what he has said and not said helped me to start to be stronger, believe in myself more, and strive to have greater faith. That is one of the invites that I really have enjoyed you have given us is what can we do more to have greater faith. I feel within me that Taiping and Elder Randall will help this to come to light more and teach me to be a better missionary and give more of myself.

I feel one of the coolest experiences this past week has been a 9 year old boy we have been meeting with is that when I first met him (Elder Bennet and Randall had already met him before) he hadn't been praying at all. But we taught pretty basic about prayer and really urged him and invited him to pray that night. When we came back a couple nights later he said he had been praying, and so we taught the first lesson to his understanding and invited to start reading (by the way his older sister, 11, is already baptized, so hopefully we can get her to be a good example). But so when we have followed up with he says he has been reading and praying, liking it and says he has a desire to be baptized. We will help teach him to make sure he understands and knows what baptism is and has the right desire. But we love him and are way happy for him.

In my studies I have really been pushing to read both the Book of Mormon as well as Preach My Gospel (sometimes I haven't been able to get to Preach My Gospel) but I think every day this past week I got to both of them and it has really helped my studies to be that more focused and helping our investigators or preparing for the day.

Love ya!
Elder Dayley

But yeah this week has been a learning week and helping to better prep me for making the changes in my life, my mind, and making me even that much better of a man. Elder Randall and Taiping are going to make me grow in many ways, one in particular I feel is like you said just go out and do, don't sweat or fret, just be and enjoy.

Also my bike won't break down. My bike is one of the few Taiwan Taichung Mission bikes that hasn't had problems. I just bought new tires for my bike (like outer tires) a couple weeks ago because they were so worn down that they were starting to rip. But everything else is working A-OK.

Funny story for you. Last week we went to visit that 9-year old boy, Wu. When we showed up his older sister was outside with some other neighborhood kids. The sister was joking around saying she is an African. So joking back I was saying oh your African? you have very white skin. But instead of saying skin, I said....butt. Skin is pifu, butt is pigu. So probably my biggest language flop I have had. Elder Randall couldn't stop laughing for a minute.

Love you so much! Miss you lots!
Elder Dayley

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6 Letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

We still kind of celebrate the 4th here, ba! Actually not really. But Elder Oldham and I sang the Star Spangled Banner for companionship study on Friday morning. As for don't really know nothing of heat until you have been on an island. Yeah we may not get as high of a temperature as you there in Utah. But we got something to compensate for it....humidity. I know joke sweat like a mad man here. It's nuts! Even just packing my stuff in our apartment and I get sweat dripping off my nose. Just about anything you do and you are not in air-conditioned rooms and you start sweating a lot. Which me with having more body hair, I sweat a lot. Like some days it feels like with my shirt as if I went swimming in it. It especially doesn't help when I have to haul bags around. For example:

I went on exchanges twice last, one with Elder Kou my district leader, and one with Elder Hu my zone leader. When I went with Elder Hu I left my area to go to Caotun and Nantou with him. So I have my regular side bag for proselyting, and then I have my backpack for the stuff I need on exchanges (just picture me getting a bag together to go sleep over at a friends house). But so we didn't have time or anything to stop by the apartment, and I wasn't using my bike (using Elder Fronk's bike, which is not the safest thing seeing as his back brakes are completely gone, the front ones almost gone and have to be pulled all the way before they start kicking in, then as well as the gears and chain sometimes slipping, basically what you would expect of a missionary's bike who is going home this week because he has reached the end) and so had to ride with both my bags on all over Caotun as well as to Nantou (which is like a 30 minute bike ride). So it was pretty fun, but I got pretty sweaty.

I already knew Saturday night that I was going to move. That is when the zone leaders get the fax and call out to let everyone know who is moving. But so yeah I gave a testimony yesterday, got lots of pictures, and had my last day in Zhanghua. So I moved up to Taichung now outside the city to a place called Taiping. Don't really know much about the area yet. Didn't ever thing I would go to Taichung. Kind of was wanting to go back south. But I am fine with this as well. My new companion is Elder Randall, who just got finished being trained by Elder Bennet (he was my zone leader for 3 move calls in Gaoxiong, and is going home this week). So yeah I get a new companion fresh out of training. It will be really great, really great to push me, to help me improve, and do better.

As a forward note, thanks for the talks and such that you have sent which I haven't gotten yet because of snail mail. 

Sounds like you have had a lot of fun though over the past week with festivities and such. I hope Miko is all better now. I do miss the puppies.

But so yeah, life keeps rolling along. As about English leader, I was actually English leader last move call as well. We have an English class we teach every week here in Taiwan that is also a great way to introduce the gospel. But so as English leader I handle our English unit here that includes 8 missionaries total. I set up where we go and proselyte for English class each week. I handle and am in charge of our English meeting we have one hour before English class (talking about what's happening, numbers, goals, what to improve, training, and our English party). I also decided who teaches which English classes.

I love you lots and am grateful for all that you do! Glad you still love the Snoopy watch!

Elder Roo

July 6 Letter to Dad

Hey Dad!

Time never seems to be enough when you are emailing as a missionary, or just in general as a missionary.

Yes I remember the Pizza Pie Cafe. Poor Miko :( I will also remember (or try my best to remember) to pray for Max Goddard.

Thanks for what you have shared and said about enjoy life and smile to those around and love life and enjoy. I am working towards those things. Definitely it's a process. I really am grateful for all you share and say. Here is President's letter. Also tell Allisa sorry for not emailing her. Time is just not enough. Funny she mentioned that my English is getting worse, at least for sure my grammar. It doesn't feel that way when I type. My mind already is flipped over. :p

Love you so much and hope you are well!

Elder Roo

Hey President!
So I am all safe and sound up here in Taiping now. I am excited as well as just a hint of nervous to see what Taiping as well as Elder Randall have in store for me. Something I have learned on my mission so far is how that every single place is specific and exactly right for the missionary serving there. That is how it has been for me. It was odd that I never really felt as if crying leaving Zhanghua. I am sad to have left that place, but it just feels like something deep down that I had come to do and learn what the Lord wanted for me there and now has need for me elsewhere and more prepared for me to learn. I still felt like I gave it my all though over this last bit there in Zhanghua. But I am ready for the Lord to mold me further so that I can go further and give greater.

This past week I felt it a great miracle that the Pioneer activity we had planned between the 3 wards in Zhanghua went really well. Members invited friends; English students came and attended; and even less actives came. It was really great to see everyone come, to socialize, to introduce, and have the opportunity to share more about the gospel.

During this past week I carried on in my Book of Mormon study beginning into Mosiah. I just have to say that King Benjamin is super solid. He has such a strong testimony as well as such a big heart and desire for his people to have peace and happiness. I also have been spending some time in studying Preach My Gospel on the Christlike attribute of diligence. One line stood out to me along the lines of "a diligent missionary works at his full effort, even when he is tired". Right now towards me sometimes that feels really hard, because it feels like I am always tired. But I will strive to keep doing what is right, praying for strength and help, and then trust in the Lord. I know He will help me and not abandon me.


Elder Dayley

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 29

Hey Dad

So................I don't really know where this email will go. I am having a lot of words and thoughts just not happening at all in my mind. 

It's way cool you got the chance to go up and see Grandma Dayley. Yeah it's sad that time and age have taken their effect. Good thing there is the resurrection and eternal families.

I figured Pat would be home in the next little while. You know I never once really emailed with him or him with me. Kind of weird and sad a little. But I remembered it was at about this time 2 years ago he went into the MTC. Sounds like he gave a really good talk. 

I remember Cubby mentioning about getting a place out at Thanksgiving Point to open a second restaurant. Good for him! I imagine it wasn't hard to get a few number of the girls in the ward to get a job out there and with it not too far away.

Good for Elder Shumway going out. He will have an amazing experience that will specifically designed and planned for him by a loving Heavenly Father. An interesting story too that he shared. I still don't like really the thought of a 50 mile backpacking hike.

Yeah I miss the ward golf tourney. Wish I could have been there to play it. 

I knew mom mentioned about doing new carpet and paint. Didn't know when though she was going to be starting on it. Thank you for your consideration and care with my Legos. Yes I know I have a major collection. It's what I like.

Now to the part about where I really am at a loss of words and thoughts.

Do you feel like I don't really do good or strive to do good? I know there have been times where I turn inwards or just am trying to make it through a day handling my own personal struggles and weaknesses. I won't lie Zhanghua has probably been one of my hardest areas. Not in the missionary work or such, but in myself. This has been a time of such tremendous challenges, trials, learning, refining, affliction, that it has caused me many times to go to the very point of edge that I feel like I can't go on anymore. I don't know if I ever told you but back at the beginning of coming to Zhanghua, about 1 week after being senior companion I ended up talking with President Blickenstaff on a Monday night and basically just breaking down. I missed you. I missed being able to talk to you about my life, what I was working through. I was scared a bit. Stressed and exhausted from being senior, being with a native. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told as much as there had been thoughts about going home, leaving, I knew I didn't want to just give up. I said I just wanted to talk things out. So we set up to meet after Zone Conference later that week. But since then there have still been several times where I break down (and most often it is where I need to stop and just talk things out with Elder Oldham, because often or not that is just what I need is to talk it out, but I try to get better where I can work through things and not feel like I am using up time when we could move on to the next activities).

I would say Dad that I am in a state of going against the very core and fibers of what has been built in me to change and transform it to become like what the Savior is. I have come very far from what I was several years ago when I was caught in the middle of my addictions. But now I am building and healing from these addictions, AND IT IS NOT EASY! It takes all my effort, all my devotion, it takes time, patience, and much much more. It takes a Savior to bring in the divine aid to do the things I can not do on my own. I will admit and share with you that this past week we had Zone Conference. Super good and great. We actually had talked about and discussed the Elder Bednar talk that he gave at BYU back in like 2001 (Mom sent it to me in a letter). As well as we talked about a new initiative and approach of working with members. We will strive to meet with members 3 times a week to help strengthen their understanding of the doctrine of Christ and help them in the ways they can hasten the work of salvation. Rather than before it always feeling like missionaries just asking for referrals. The Taichung zone had already been doing this for about a month and they had seen quite a jump in increase of ward excitement, involvement, and numbers. But so the next day, Thursday, was feeling still a little anxiety and pressure about trying to do these things (which I still feel like I am not the most out there and bubbly missionary when interacting with ward members.  Got home and went to bed with the thought that tomorrow is a new day and will be better. It ended up being even harder and worse. Meaning in that my mind getting so mucked up about doubts, negativity, temptations, and becoming confused between what is temptation and sin (which then just leads to more doubts and negativity about am I worthy, good, etc.). So went to bed still trying to have the attitude that it's a new day and such tomorrow, but really just not feeling good about myself, or confident, or strong, or just feeling like I am worthy and good. Saturday came and it didn't go too bad. There were times though when it just felt like lots of despair and sorrow were just sinking down on me and destroying me. We went to English proselyting that night at a night market for half an hour, and I just felt emotionally and spiritually like I got beaten to a pulp (I probably handed out a total of 15-20 flyers, which know that was not very many at all). It really felt like the peoples hearts were really hardened. People completely ignored me when I would talk to them. People would just walk into my arm or hand and not even think twice or tak the flyer. And on top of all that I was already feeling down and struggling with emotions and confidence in myself and it just seemed like there was so much immoral stuff, that just as we were biking back home I was further behind Elder Oldham and just kind of struggling to even bike home. We got home and I just fell down on my bed, just weighed down by tons of hurt, pain, sorrow, and feelings of guilt. To make something straight I still keep at strong of changing my thoughts and such and trying to keep in the positive and uplifting thoughts. I feel like I am in the middle right now and working towards transformation to be more virtuous in thought to see things with that kind of mindset, ALWAYS, of love, respect, kindness.

Even Elder Oldham said that he got hammered a bit from the English Proselyting. But so we just kind of planned out the Sunday, I had Elder Oldham give me a blessing that night. And pretty much Sunday we had church, ward council meeting, and then studies and meals at home (could we have pushed ourselves and gone out and worked more in proselyting that day? Probably. We were both pretty beaten up and very exhausted, and especially me, feeling of not wanting to deal with the world and needing time to rebuild and work up my defences again. So we also ended up napping some that afternoon. Like 2 hours or so). We went to FHE that night and it was better, we had our RC come as well as a LA. And now we come to today. Doing better. Things are stronger right now, but in parts I still am just not sure how to exactly think and react to you saying this is the place to try and over-achieve. Talking and inviting people. Something I have come to see on my mission is that I am really hard on myself, I have hard times seeing myself as successful and doing good, and so making confidence and belief in myself diminish which makes other work harder to carry out and do in my full effort. Dad, why do I have a hard time seeing myself as successful? Why do I have smaller confidence and belief in myself? Why is it when you positively or others provide suggestions to improve or do things that I immediately think to how I am not doing good at all or feeling like I am a failure?

I have some visions for myself that I want to achieve when It comes a year from now. That is to be someone who is trustworthy, dependable, and honest. I was thinking yesterday though that I want to make sure I am someone who comes home who is confident in who I am, strong in believing in myself, and feels that I am successful. What do I do now? I try to understand this. I am working at improving and changing and transforming thought processes and how I think about things. But what else is there? Is it simply time and patience? I don't want you to feel or think like I am a failure. I really do try to work hard. I end up getting lots of guilt that beats up on me because I have an overwhelming sense of feeling that I can't ever stop and just think about myself or help myself. I am a missionary and am called to serve others. I can't think about myself. That is sometimes the complexity of my mind. And it does need to change. Because it can't be right. The perfectionist in me. And no it is not mom's fault I am this way. This is me, and I am working to improve.

Yes I will strive to go out this week and put in all my effort I can. I really honestly and in humility strive to follow the guidance of the Spirit and where Heavenly Father would have me go. A lot of times I don't feel like I ever have promptings or things like missionaries all the time talk about where they felt this prompting or go here or do this. There have been several times yes where I bike by someone and feel I should have talked to him, and most times now I turn around and go back and talk with him. Have I had someone say I have been praying and wanting to come closer to Christ or someone who was by that person I first saw? No, I have not. I know I am still doing the right thing. It's just a lot harder sometimes when you don't have the tangible success that lots of others seem to always get. I am super happy that our really good progressing investigator has accepted a baptismal date this past week for August 2 and finally came to church for the first time now yesterday (he only stayed though for sacrament meeting because he told his wife he would be home at a certain time, as well as he has set to go out to their rice field on Sundays to work).

So yeah that is about it for me right now. I really look forward to what you have to share and help at this time. Definitely I feel I am not the same man you dropped off a year ago, but I still feel I have a lot to go before the time comes a year from now.

Love you so much!

Elder Dayley

June 22

Hey Dad!

Sorry you came last to be written to today. And I only have 5 minutes. So it will be fairly short.

Super cool about the US and a bummer. Yeah I was talking with Ian (2nd Ward RC, super great friend) and he looked up the results of the USvGhana game on his iPhone and saw they won 2-1. But a bummer that Portugal came back at the very very end to tie. The US should do pretty good though. I as well as Elder Oldham sometimes are kind of bummed out we can't watch the games. We see several times highlights and such and wish badly we could watch it.

Yeah for sure I can remember Mom in the next fast (which I am finding I fast a lot on the mission, not just the monthly fast, but there have been a couple times where I fasted 3 times in one month). 

Yeah I agree and will work on trying to balance emotions more but also having the emotions. 

Thanks Dad so much for all your encouraging words and reassurance and support. I wish you could see how much I love and appreciate all you do and say. I wish you could see that I always usually have a letter I carry around with me throughout the day to read over again.

President's letter for you:

Hey President!
So this week has been not too bad. Life as always with its ups and downs. Something I have come to see for myself though this week is what kind of person and missionary I want to be when it comes to the end. I have come to feel for me I want to be someone that is honest, trustworthy, and dependable. Meaning I want to be someone you can trust and depend upon as well as the Lord. I want to be known that I am an honest person and that I can be trusted and depended upon to give my best effort and do all I can with what is asked or given to me. So I am working now on really building up faith and trust as well as confidence and belief in myself. To not worry or listen to doubts and negativity. To be grateful, in the the fruit of the Spirit, and going out giving my best effort each day.

Miracle for us this past week happened after the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. We started walking back to the train station and within 100 feet of the chapel the 2nd counselor of the Stake Presidency pulled by and asked if he could help. He ended up driving us to the train station and we were able to buy our tickets fort he JuGuang train and get on the train for Zhanghua within 5 minutes of him dropping us off. So we were able to get home a lot earlier than we would have normally.

Today is actually what I want to share my studies from this week. Today I started studying Jacob 5 and only got through half of it. I simply can say I love the allegory so much of the tame and wild olive tree. It's so beautiful and there is so much meaning and understanding behind the whole story. Just makes me love the Book of Mormon that much more!

Thanks so much! I am willing and ready to follow you and give my best effort!
Love ya!
Elder Dayley

But so yeah I love you so much! Can't wait to see you again!
Love ya!

Elder Dayley

June 22

Hey Mom!

Sad that you say not a lot has happened this past week. :( As for me here we had Stake Conference this past week. It was super great! We got to attend the Saturday night session as well as the Sunday session. The Saturday session was pretty rushed to get there. We had a lesson at 5:30 that the guy showed up 5 minutes late for (as well as our member to sit in on). So we had a short lesson (like 20 minutes). Then had to book it fast down to the train station. We had to get tickets on the 自強 train (a little more expensive but it passes by more stations, so we could go straight from Zhanghua to Yuanlin, which is where the stake center is) and then wait for 10 minutes or so for the train to arrive. One we got in Yuanlin we had to walk to the church building which was about a 20 minute walk. We walked in at about 7:08 right when the choir was about to start singing their number. So still got there for all the talks. Then it was way cool and blessing that after the session ended at 9 or a little after 9 we started walking back towards the train station and the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency drives by and asks if he could be of an assistance. We were like we don't want to be a hassle. But so he drove us to the train station and it worked out exactly perfect on timing that we bought our tickets for the 莒光 train and literally the train just arrived, we stepped on, and it took off again.

Yeah we keep trying to work better and better. Putting in more and more effort, to put in all our effort. Still no real new solid progressing investigators though....I just really wish to find those the Lord has prepared and are ready to progress forward. Those who are truly seeking for the truth.

I also have a great mom. Yeah Dad has a lot of great attributes and qualities, but he also has a number weaknesses too. You have a lot of great qualities and attributes, but also have some weaknesses as well. In all honesty something I feel like you do great and Dad doesn't as well as you is being very organized and making things very neat, presentable, and looking great. Something I wish more and more to be like. So don't put yourself down or think lower of yourself. You are great and amazing and wonderful. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself. You will get into the BYU business school. You will be awesome. You can do it now!

In all honesty I don't really bring snacks around with me when I bike and such. I actually hardly eat much any more at night when we come home. It's more just in the morning or during study times or weekly planning that I eat things from home (or Sunday). So anything you can think of or feel like I would like or is yummy. You could always send more purple drink since Taiwan has no such thing. As for breakfast I am actually thinking this week of switching over to eat a lot more fruit. Mangos are finally in season now and they are as good as ever. This morning for breakfast I had half of a dragonfruit and a banana as well as a few Digestive cookies and some Soy milk. I am looking to buy more fruit today (pineapple, bananas, mango, dragonfruit, and anything else). We already get tons and tons of lychee berries given to us by members and others that it is ridiculous. We have given some to the guards here at the apartment, which is funny is that of any apartments I have been in so far, these guards are the coolest and super friendly with us (even though they are all in their 60s or 70s).

So yeah that is about it. I love you so much and think of you all the time!

Elder Dayley

June 15

Hey Mom!

I am so so so happy that you weren't expecting the package and that it was on the doorstep when you came back from girls camp. I was thinking about that this past week that it would probably get there in that time frame.

So happy you all like the gifts and such. Your welcome! There are already a few other things I have thought of as well. I won't say anymore.

That is nuts that the Ward Missionary cabinet is full and that 4 aren't in there yet. Am I up to the second row yet?

Thanks for letting me know about Jonathan Peterson and where he is going. He will do great and will carry with him a strong testimony. Also I will have to wait till next week to hear about Robbie Woolsey. Good luck to him though! So so cool!

It sounds like you got too spoiled with girls camp. It sounds like it was way fun. Really glad there was a lot of unity there with the girls. That is something our Zhongxing zone as been progressing and working at over the last couple months is really building unity. That it isn't a competition, but instead all working and pulling together. 

Well that is about it from the island of Taiwan. I am almost through studying Red Box for my language study (about 1028 cards) that I have been working on since mid April. Next week or so I should be moving on to Green Box (which is also over a 1000 cards). Then after that I will move onto to Phase 3 Box A and Box B afterwards (each with about 900 cards each). Super Fun! Yay :D

Love you so much!

Elder Roo

June 15

Hey Dad!

Well my P-day is going well. Usually email is the first thing I do out the door. So usually always starts pretty well.

That's way cool about sacrament meeting. It's really cool and amazing stories like that of conversion that build faith and testimony in others. Ultimately the conversion though comes down to every single person's own actions and drive to become (like Brother Christiansen). A talk actually I have been reviewing and studying over this past week was by Elder Oaks from 2000 about the "Challenge to Become". It's super good! Shares so much more about the difference between testimony and conversion. Instead of just knowing and saying, it's doing and becoming. One of the greatest examples it shares about is from the life of Peter. When Jesus asks "whom do ye say that I am", Peter immediately replies "thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God". Peter had an immense and strong testimony. But later in the life of the Savior we come to understand that Peter was not converted. At the last supper, Christ tells Peter "I have prayed for thee...and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren". This is a man who had spent 3 years with the Lord, had walked on water, witnessed countless miracles, performed miracles himself, and was taught by the master himself, many times on a personal basis. But he was not yet converted. For me sometimes I come to see and find that conversion is a very big process. It almost intertwines and weaves with becoming perfect. It is not something that fully will be obtained in this life. But each day is a process that we build upon block by block so that it becomes stronger and make progress along the path moving forward. What I feel personally is that the point and time where Peter denied Christ 3 times, as sad and maybe also grieving for Peter it was, I think it was also very much necessary for his conversion. Elder Oaks shares about how that the greatest growth and development of conversion happen in what we often refer to as the "furnace of affliction". When we are being refined and sanctified, we become more and more like the person Heavenly Father sees us as. This is something I can attest to with all my heart. I will not lie, the mission has had some of the most difficult challenges, trials, temptations, and such that have felt like some of the most grief, pain, or suffering ever. But....I would not trade it away for anything. It has transformed me so much already, and there is so much it continues to teach me and show unto me. It's like you have been saying as of late in letters, life is hard work but the peace and joy are incomparable. I remember Elder Holland in a talk at some time sharing about how life is hard and it's not fair. And then he emphatically shares well that is because eternal life is not easy to obtain. How true it is.

This whole conversion doesn't just mean saying I know, it means becoming. It means transforming. It means changing. It reminds me of Brother Brad Wilcox's talk about the grace of Jesus Christ. If we are not converted, if we don't become, are not willing to change, don't accept and receive Christ and the gospel, then it won't be at the judgement people acting nervous with Christ holding clipboard and saying "oh darn, you only missed it by 2 points" and people begging to check it again. Rather it will be Christ pleading for people to use His Atonement, to change, transform, to come unto Him. Heaven is not heaven if we are not heavenly.

Sounds like you had a whole lot of fun at girls camp. Remember always that feeling you had on Monday morning and then how you felt at the end of the camp. You want to know what the key difference and secret was? Service. As Elder Perkins in his talk "the Great and Wonderful Love" he shared 5 points to help with overcoming and combating the latter-day snares. The last point was to find joy in each day. He shared about how that the greatest way to find joy is in serving. For when you are serving and helping others, you are more concerned and focused about them, and spend less time worrying and agonizing over yourself. So you said you were not feeling mentally good on Monday morning. But you have now seen the fruits of serving and forgetting about yourself. It's such a beautiful thing.

Leave it to you to make a little remark like that about Gordon. (this is me rolling my eyes). But way to have fun with the other guys and make effective use of your priesthood. Definitely Nate was doing the right thing. I have only known him a little bit, but I know his younger brother (Dylan's friend, and we graduated together) and just based from his younger brother (Zach) I know that Nate is already a way strong and faithful guy. Definitely he was following the prompting of the Spirit and we shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to enact our priesthood power that has been given to us. That is why Heavenly Father has given it to us. To bless and edify His children upon the earth. I always carry my oil around with me. I actually have a carabiner that I keep the most important things on. I have the keys for the apartment as well as the church. Then I have my bike key as well as the Lego C-3PO key chain. Then I have the Victorinox pocket knife and my oil vial. I have the bigger jar in my back pack. But I keep this carabiner on my belt loop. So everything is really quick and fast access.

That is really interesting that Jehovah's Witnesses showed up in our neighborhood. My whole time living there I never saw or talked with any. When I was in Gaoxiong though the day Elder Dailey went home and Elder Vandiford moved, Elder Turner and I were companions for a little while and while we were doing some language study, we got contacted by a Jehovah's witness. But I told him up front that we wouldn't be interested. But I was sad afterwards that I didn't try sharing the Restoration with him. So yes I am proud of you for being really kind and nice to them. That is exactly how you should treat everyone. Every single person is a child of God and either people don't know that or those who do seem so easily to forget it. I remember from the Liahona a talk somewhere that had a line I really liked. It went something like this that "Everything would be ok and good if we simply remembered everything we knew". I actually had a similar experience just on Saturday. Elder Oldham and I from planning the night before picked out an area to go tract. We tracted this area for about 2 hours (I think we knocked on probably close to a 100 doors) and up to this whole point only two people exchanged numbers with us but didn't set up or willing to let us sit down at that time. Elder Oldham said alright I am ready to change over to something else. We were going back down the hill and I said alright lets tract this alley that we passed earlier (we passed because some older couple/slash family were just standing at the entrance and could tell they were not willing to talk and were just watching us the whole time. You get a little self-conscious and weird when people watch you contact or tract). But so we came back to tract that alley (and that family yeah immediately just gave us the buyong hand and saying no. Buyong literally means don't use but pretty much means no. To also give you a feel for how much the people of Taiwan work as well that old aMa (a lady about age 50 to 70) was still working at her little station with some metal piece things and punching stuff on them at 8:00 when we knocked on their door). So we went down this alley tracting and the last door we knocked on a man in his late 50's came to the door and very enthusiastically started talking with us. He invited us in after talking a little bit and gave us chocolate milk from Costco (super good by the way). Found out that he has 1 or 2 sons who live in America, in Texas, and on seeing us we reminded him of his son and it just really cheered him up and made him happy. We shared a few introductory things about the Restoration, but he wasn't super interested. We did get to pray together with him though, and gave him some tracts for the church as well as other information like English Class. It wasn't a new investigator, or a baptismal goal, or anything super special. But it still made me know and feel that really that is what it is to represent Christ. To bring joy and peace to others, to invite to come unto Christ, to offer the chance and share about the Restoration. 

From studying Preach My Gospel this morning I was in the Finding chapter and about the part "Talk with Everyone". It lists several bullet points of ideas to think of to better help in talking with everyone. One point talks about invite everyone to learn about the Restoration. So this is where you can improve. You did very good to be kind and friendly towards those around you. But we have the mandate and call to warn our neighbors and literally invite everyone to learn about the Restoration and God's true and only church. Sometimes circumstances and situations are not good or convenient to go for bigger invites, but that is why we need and have the Spirit in our life. He will guide and direct us so that we may know when and how to act. And we invite the Spirit more into our life by doing the very things that build foundation and conversion. That is studying scriptures (as well as words of modern-day prophets), praying daily (both personally, with your companion (aka Mom), and as a family (aka Mom plus puppies)), and attending church and the temple. Take so much advantage of having the temple. So far now over the last year (not counting any MTC time) I have been to the temple twice, but I feel I will move before the next temple trip happens in August, so I probably won't get a chance again for awhile to go to the temple.

So yeah I got 2 letters from you this past week in 2 days. It was way exciting and good to see mail in the mailbox. So back to the May 17 letter. I really appreciate what you shared about being patient with myself as I discover more and more. As well as the part about wanting me really to remember and understand and know about doing my best and driving myself. This is part where I know half of this move call has been a lot of hard times and struggling on my own behalf and not probably working as effectively as I could. Elder Oldham and I went into this move call with a desire to get a baptism. I let that desire and fire dwindle down. But yesterday night I just felt the choice and action in myself that I am going to go out and do my best. I am not going to sit anymore drooping in doubts, fears, and lies. Most likely baptism is out scope for this move call because of requirements that need to happen for an investigator to qualify for baptism, but I have the drive and fire in me that Elder Oldham and I will find some solid progressing investigators with dates set for July to set up for whoever will be here the next move call.

Now that is just nuts about Dubai with all their super expensive police cars. The Bughatti Veyron is $1,000,000 and the Aston Martin One77 is $1,000,000. Then the Lamborghini Egoista looks like a starship! It's crazy. I just realized the other day I have a bit of a Top Gear hangover. It's been over a year since I have watched it :( Too long. Oh well, the hump is over and sooner than later I will be watching it again.

Definitely this past week I have felt and learned so much coming down to not just choices, but acting on the choices. I can wish and pray and desire to be this kind of person or have this kind of mind or get this kind of result, but if I never consciously make the decision in my mind that I am going to work my butt off and do all my effort to behave, act, or do that, then I won't get it. I can pray and hope and desire that I do it or live, but until I really make the decision and act out with all my effort, I won't have it. But the greatest part is when I put all my effort in that is when the grace or enabling power of the Atonement comes in. 

In all actuality a large part of my hard times and everything come from doubts and worries that I listen to and believe. So we talked about Galations 4 at the end about the fruit of the Spirit. I have the scripture memorized and recite it to myself many times. But we talked about getting out of the doubts and worries and into the fruit of the Spirit. Seeing the things that are good. Seeing it with both eyes and heart. Having an attitude of gratitude. Go back and read President Monson's talk from 2010 about gratitude. It is super good. Especially Mom go back and read. In parts my whole part of being more negative and listening to doubts and worries is genetic (yeah from Mom) but it is also habitual. It's the part now of getting out of the habit. So Mom that is what you should do too! Get out of the doubts and worries and into the fruit of the Spirit! When you live and breathe an attitude of gratitude you touch heaven.

Definitely a long letter. Let's make it longer! Yay! :D Here is what I shared with President.
Hey President!
This week has felt for me a big building block added into my life and becoming more like the person Heavenly Father sees me as. I had a really great talk with Elder Watkins. I learned a good lesson from Elder Shelton and Elder Fronk at English proselyting about not just making the choice in ourselves, but actually acting and putting forth all effort. I am coming to better understand about doubts and worries, to get out of them and into the fruit of the Spirit. I have actually memorized that scripture in Galations about the fruit of the Spirit and tell it to myself many, many times, but also making the choice in myself and believing I can be in the fruit of the Spirit and then acting my best effort to be there.

This past week I felt as a miracle to happen for me was the sudden change and transformation that kicked in last night. Elder Oldham and I came into this move call with the desire to get a baptism. I feel the sorrow and grief that because of my own struggles and weaknesses they hindered me and I didn't put forth my best effort. But from the last week culminating into last night (maybe the cherry on top being a Brother Tang who just came home Saturday from his mission in Virginia and getting to know him and talking with him) that I am going to consciously put my whole and full effort into this now. In all probability the chance for me to baptize this move call is slim, but I am going to work my best with Elder Oldham to find solid progressing investigators with baptismal dates in July to set up for whoever is serving here in Zhanghua next move call, whether it be me or someone else.

This past week in studies I have carried on in studying the Book of Mormon. I love it so much! I have just read through 2 Nephi 31 this morning, and that chapter is such a power house. It is filling with so much doctrine and so much goodness, it definitely requires many, many, many times of studying. The part I liked was about the gate. I remember and know that the gate is repentance and baptism. But gate has a cross-reference to 2 Nephi 9:41 which shares about how the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, is the gate keeper and is not assigned to any one else. This gate then can't be circumvented or walked around or tricked because the Lord himself is the keeper and will know if you have truly repented and been baptized in his name by the proper authority.

Thanks so much, Love ya, will pray and fast for you!
Elder Dayley

So yeah I am working and trying harder and really looking to put all my effort in. Definitely I appreciate what you shared about the girls thing. I really have been trying to implement it all of seeing as Allisa and not worrying about. Not going to marry any. So just going out and having fun. Trying to wake up each day to go out and do my best to help make someones day better.

Also I do need some new Abreva cold sore ointment sent because the one I have expired in May. Also Dad do you mind sending me a business card of yours. I would like to have one on me so I can share it with people about what you do.

Love you so, so, so, so much!

Elder Roo

p.s. Happy Father's Day by the way, thought I forgot didn't you ;)