Monday, July 14, 2014

July 13 Letter

Hey Dad!
Sorry for this week being a little shorter email. Here is my letter to President:
Hey President!
So this week has been intense! Elder Randall is such a strong missionary. He has already through what he has said and not said helped me to start to be stronger, believe in myself more, and strive to have greater faith. That is one of the invites that I really have enjoyed you have given us is what can we do more to have greater faith. I feel within me that Taiping and Elder Randall will help this to come to light more and teach me to be a better missionary and give more of myself.

I feel one of the coolest experiences this past week has been a 9 year old boy we have been meeting with is that when I first met him (Elder Bennet and Randall had already met him before) he hadn't been praying at all. But we taught pretty basic about prayer and really urged him and invited him to pray that night. When we came back a couple nights later he said he had been praying, and so we taught the first lesson to his understanding and invited to start reading (by the way his older sister, 11, is already baptized, so hopefully we can get her to be a good example). But so when we have followed up with he says he has been reading and praying, liking it and says he has a desire to be baptized. We will help teach him to make sure he understands and knows what baptism is and has the right desire. But we love him and are way happy for him.

In my studies I have really been pushing to read both the Book of Mormon as well as Preach My Gospel (sometimes I haven't been able to get to Preach My Gospel) but I think every day this past week I got to both of them and it has really helped my studies to be that more focused and helping our investigators or preparing for the day.

Love ya!
Elder Dayley

But yeah this week has been a learning week and helping to better prep me for making the changes in my life, my mind, and making me even that much better of a man. Elder Randall and Taiping are going to make me grow in many ways, one in particular I feel is like you said just go out and do, don't sweat or fret, just be and enjoy.

Also my bike won't break down. My bike is one of the few Taiwan Taichung Mission bikes that hasn't had problems. I just bought new tires for my bike (like outer tires) a couple weeks ago because they were so worn down that they were starting to rip. But everything else is working A-OK.

Funny story for you. Last week we went to visit that 9-year old boy, Wu. When we showed up his older sister was outside with some other neighborhood kids. The sister was joking around saying she is an African. So joking back I was saying oh your African? you have very white skin. But instead of saying skin, I said....butt. Skin is pifu, butt is pigu. So probably my biggest language flop I have had. Elder Randall couldn't stop laughing for a minute.

Love you so much! Miss you lots!
Elder Dayley