Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 8

Hey Dad!

Sorry I haven't as of late been emailing you more or longer.

Things with me are about average. I do find my smile and have found in ways of how to love Zhanghua for what it is. It has still been hard in very many parts though and been one of the greatest trials of my being strong, faithful, and really working on changing character. The thing that has been proving as of late a little harder has been the whole part of really trusting in God and letting go about anxieties, worries, and stresses.  I have things I have written down and plans of what I can do. I feel to want to also try and share more of what work I am doing over here in Taiwan. I guess I just also in email time reach out talking and asking questions because I am seeking help or advice and such. Greatest of what I am really trying to come to grips with is how to really trust in God, and LET GO. Just be myself, have fun, make friends, and don't be chasing after or thinking just always in the sense of thinking. Here is what I shared with P. Blickenstaff as well:

So this week has really felt a bit humbling and bit to better open my eyes and show me what I need to do. I think no other place more than on my mission have I come to learn more and know that the adversary uses doubts, lies, fears to tempt and stumble us. I have felt this so true for me on my mission. It's something I am aware of. It's the progression and building process that now I am in the midst of right now to not give in to those temptations. Elder Oldham has helped in sharing some good insights and I have compiled together into 3 key points I feel for me to do to help progress further: 1.Remember who I am (heritage both spiritual and physical, calling, power blessed with) 2.Trusting in the Lord and letting go (what has been promised to me in patriarchal blessing, believing it, then letting go of what I can't control and what simply causes worrying and anxiety) and 3.Keeping a sound mind of fortitude (everything I have been working on to keep a clean, uplifting, and positive mind and keep doing it).

This week we have been blessed with many miracles from several members who have been inviting friends to come to church that we are setting up to meet with throughout this next week to a less active we had met briefly 2 weeks ago that said he would call us (never did) and then suddenly called on Saturday and met later that afternoon. Or even on Sunday an investigator from about 3 years ago showed up to church (he is actually in the 2nd Ward's area) but he remembered and brought his Book of Mormon as well as some pamphlets. It's amazing how the Lord works and brings about his work in our lives.

This past week I have almost read through all of 2 Nephi. I have just finished the whole Isaiah section, but I have come to appreciate and love so much more why Nephi included so much of what Isaiah prophesied of. 2 Nephi 26 (if I remember right) is where Nephi comes in and shares about why he included a lot of Isaiah's words. He shares about how he knows and understands that his people don't really understand what he is sharing from Isaiah, but that those of the last days (us) will understand. The people of Nephi never fully learned about the Jews and that region because Nephi wished to protect his people from the evils that they had fallen so heavily into. But for me the prophesies of Isaiah have come as an exhortation to come unto Christ, to tell us of the impending consequences that will come to those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ and repent. I have loved so much taking the challenge to really study and read the Book of Mormon everyday. I am grateful for the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern.

Love ya!

Elder Dayley 

Dad, know I love you with all my heart! I miss you! Miss hanging out with you and doing stuff together! The mission is full of many sacrifices, and I am striving and am learning more and more the privilege it comes to be making these sacrifices for the one who made the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ. I pray and hope that I can be a better example, work better, work harder, let go of more stress and worries, not listen to the doubts and lies that are temptations. This is my hope, my goal, my aspiration!

Love Ya!

Elder Roo