Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6 Letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

We still kind of celebrate the 4th here, ba! Actually not really. But Elder Oldham and I sang the Star Spangled Banner for companionship study on Friday morning. As for don't really know nothing of heat until you have been on an island. Yeah we may not get as high of a temperature as you there in Utah. But we got something to compensate for it....humidity. I know joke sweat like a mad man here. It's nuts! Even just packing my stuff in our apartment and I get sweat dripping off my nose. Just about anything you do and you are not in air-conditioned rooms and you start sweating a lot. Which me with having more body hair, I sweat a lot. Like some days it feels like with my shirt as if I went swimming in it. It especially doesn't help when I have to haul bags around. For example:

I went on exchanges twice last, one with Elder Kou my district leader, and one with Elder Hu my zone leader. When I went with Elder Hu I left my area to go to Caotun and Nantou with him. So I have my regular side bag for proselyting, and then I have my backpack for the stuff I need on exchanges (just picture me getting a bag together to go sleep over at a friends house). But so we didn't have time or anything to stop by the apartment, and I wasn't using my bike (using Elder Fronk's bike, which is not the safest thing seeing as his back brakes are completely gone, the front ones almost gone and have to be pulled all the way before they start kicking in, then as well as the gears and chain sometimes slipping, basically what you would expect of a missionary's bike who is going home this week because he has reached the end) and so had to ride with both my bags on all over Caotun as well as to Nantou (which is like a 30 minute bike ride). So it was pretty fun, but I got pretty sweaty.

I already knew Saturday night that I was going to move. That is when the zone leaders get the fax and call out to let everyone know who is moving. But so yeah I gave a testimony yesterday, got lots of pictures, and had my last day in Zhanghua. So I moved up to Taichung now outside the city to a place called Taiping. Don't really know much about the area yet. Didn't ever thing I would go to Taichung. Kind of was wanting to go back south. But I am fine with this as well. My new companion is Elder Randall, who just got finished being trained by Elder Bennet (he was my zone leader for 3 move calls in Gaoxiong, and is going home this week). So yeah I get a new companion fresh out of training. It will be really great, really great to push me, to help me improve, and do better.

As a forward note, thanks for the talks and such that you have sent which I haven't gotten yet because of snail mail. 

Sounds like you have had a lot of fun though over the past week with festivities and such. I hope Miko is all better now. I do miss the puppies.

But so yeah, life keeps rolling along. As about English leader, I was actually English leader last move call as well. We have an English class we teach every week here in Taiwan that is also a great way to introduce the gospel. But so as English leader I handle our English unit here that includes 8 missionaries total. I set up where we go and proselyte for English class each week. I handle and am in charge of our English meeting we have one hour before English class (talking about what's happening, numbers, goals, what to improve, training, and our English party). I also decided who teaches which English classes.

I love you lots and am grateful for all that you do! Glad you still love the Snoopy watch!

Elder Roo