Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 15

Hey Mom!

I am so so so happy that you weren't expecting the package and that it was on the doorstep when you came back from girls camp. I was thinking about that this past week that it would probably get there in that time frame.

So happy you all like the gifts and such. Your welcome! There are already a few other things I have thought of as well. I won't say anymore.

That is nuts that the Ward Missionary cabinet is full and that 4 aren't in there yet. Am I up to the second row yet?

Thanks for letting me know about Jonathan Peterson and where he is going. He will do great and will carry with him a strong testimony. Also I will have to wait till next week to hear about Robbie Woolsey. Good luck to him though! So so cool!

It sounds like you got too spoiled with girls camp. It sounds like it was way fun. Really glad there was a lot of unity there with the girls. That is something our Zhongxing zone as been progressing and working at over the last couple months is really building unity. That it isn't a competition, but instead all working and pulling together. 

Well that is about it from the island of Taiwan. I am almost through studying Red Box for my language study (about 1028 cards) that I have been working on since mid April. Next week or so I should be moving on to Green Box (which is also over a 1000 cards). Then after that I will move onto to Phase 3 Box A and Box B afterwards (each with about 900 cards each). Super Fun! Yay :D

Love you so much!

Elder Roo