Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 1

Hey Dad!

So yeah the song was Bob Marley. They play it in I Am Legend as well so whenever I think of that song actually I think of I Am Legend.

This week had some really hard times (one day was just flat out straight rejection the whole time, and it kind of got to me). But here is my letter to President and feel to share with you and just really about me working towards becoming more happy, not worrying or stressing too much (because a lot of my mission has been too much of that), and trusting more in Heavenly Father and willing to let go. Here it is: (p.s. P. Blickenstaff's daughter is serving in Korea and will go home in December or so. She told her dad about how the first half of her mission she wasn't happy and having a hard time each day being happy. They noticed at one point after her half way mark her emails much better, positive, and upbeat. They asked about it and said about how she made the choice to be happy and love her companion)

I did have some harder days this week, but also really good moments of spiritual edification (especially reading the beginning of John 15 and seeing the vine and branches as comparing to grace and the necessity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Love ya! Hope your week is great!

Elder Dayley