Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6 Letter to Dad

Hey Dad!

Time never seems to be enough when you are emailing as a missionary, or just in general as a missionary.

Yes I remember the Pizza Pie Cafe. Poor Miko :( I will also remember (or try my best to remember) to pray for Max Goddard.

Thanks for what you have shared and said about enjoy life and smile to those around and love life and enjoy. I am working towards those things. Definitely it's a process. I really am grateful for all you share and say. Here is President's letter. Also tell Allisa sorry for not emailing her. Time is just not enough. Funny she mentioned that my English is getting worse, at least for sure my grammar. It doesn't feel that way when I type. My mind already is flipped over. :p

Love you so much and hope you are well!

Elder Roo

Hey President!
So I am all safe and sound up here in Taiping now. I am excited as well as just a hint of nervous to see what Taiping as well as Elder Randall have in store for me. Something I have learned on my mission so far is how that every single place is specific and exactly right for the missionary serving there. That is how it has been for me. It was odd that I never really felt as if crying leaving Zhanghua. I am sad to have left that place, but it just feels like something deep down that I had come to do and learn what the Lord wanted for me there and now has need for me elsewhere and more prepared for me to learn. I still felt like I gave it my all though over this last bit there in Zhanghua. But I am ready for the Lord to mold me further so that I can go further and give greater.

This past week I felt it a great miracle that the Pioneer activity we had planned between the 3 wards in Zhanghua went really well. Members invited friends; English students came and attended; and even less actives came. It was really great to see everyone come, to socialize, to introduce, and have the opportunity to share more about the gospel.

During this past week I carried on in my Book of Mormon study beginning into Mosiah. I just have to say that King Benjamin is super solid. He has such a strong testimony as well as such a big heart and desire for his people to have peace and happiness. I also have been spending some time in studying Preach My Gospel on the Christlike attribute of diligence. One line stood out to me along the lines of "a diligent missionary works at his full effort, even when he is tired". Right now towards me sometimes that feels really hard, because it feels like I am always tired. But I will strive to keep doing what is right, praying for strength and help, and then trust in the Lord. I know He will help me and not abandon me.


Elder Dayley