Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 1

Hey Mom!

So I saw the Star Wars model kits. They look really cool! Can't wait till when I get the chance to build them. You already know I have patience......most of the time. Just look at when I build all of my Legos. Although I do feel bad about the one Christmas when I got the huge Millenium Falcon and you were on the small ladder cleaning or doing something with the tree and when you stepped down you had lost your step a little and stepped on part of it (it wasn't finished yet). I am sorry. :(

But so it sounds like it is really great you have the opportunity to share and teach about the Priesthood to the Beehives. Yeah it is true that they are only little 12 year old girls. But at the exact same time the Priesthood revolves around them. It affects them hopefully everyday, if not at least every week. Some really cool and spiritual thoughts about male and female, the one not without the other. It actually makes me think many times to things Dad has shared or discussed with me about. Very much women are much stronger than men. I would say if us men 1) didn't have a sexual drive and 2) didn't have the oath and covenant of the Priesthood (women don't have anything of that sort that they have duty and obligation towards) then we would be off up in the mountains or sea or beach hunting, goofing off, playing, and just not really caring about much in the world. As well as the girls are too young yet for initiatories and endowment, but do you ever stop and think to realize when women go to do initiatories, there is not any men in there doing the ordinances. It is all women.

So very much women have power and authority, I think even greater power than guys. We have the calling of the Priesthood to keep us focused. To keep us devoted. To keep us faithful. Very much we fill a huge responsibility to lead, guide, protect, and provide for our family. The Priesthood is there to strengthen, empower, and bring about the greatest happiness and peace any soul can find.

I think you make an interesting point about as well that you cannot receive a blessing from yourself, but must seek it from others. One this says how Heavenly Father disperses His power and authority so that no one is better than the other. I think two it makes so as to humble yourself more. To realize and come to understanding when you are not all that, you don't have all the answers, you don't have all the strength. But you willingly come and seek aid, strength, and understanding from the ones who have or from the being who has all knowledge and power, Heavenly Father. For me I have asked several times from my companion to get a blessing of comfort. I never felt so much comfort and peace as I have from when I got a blessing by the Priesthood. Or there was a time when I was in Fengshan that Sister Packard and Sister Lin called upon and asked Elder Barson and I after English to help in giving them blessings of comfort because the night before while tracting they had run into some old lady who ended up speaking some weird language (not anything either of the sisters knew) at them as well as already knowing their names and things about them (they had never tracted their before) as well as mentioning that a Dai Zhanglao and Chen Zhanglao (me and Elder Chen) had just been on that street the day prior (which I don't think we were). Very much left them with a not good feeling. But after giving them a blessing and how much faith and trust they had in us, in the Priesthood, and in Heavenly Father they felt much better.

Even think about it, if we didn't have the priesthood people could not be baptized. With the girls only being 12, they should hopefully remember their baptism only 4 years previously. If the Priesthood were not on the earth, then we could not return to Heavenly Father. Baptism is necessary and essential to return to the celestial kingdom. Even for families to be perpetuated beyond the grave, the Priesthood is needed. Without the Priesthood a man and woman who kneel across the alter could not be sealed for time and all eternity. So what does this have to do with 12 and 13 year old girls? Everything! They should have the goal and vision forming within their very fibers right now to go to the temple, to marry in God's temple, to raise a family unto God, and be perpetuated beyond the grave with their husband and children to live together forever.

Cool cool news happening in the ward. So many already getting married, or now getting ready for missions, or moving. Crazy what has happened with Sister Brynne Lindsley in Mexico. I will always be thankful and remember their family, especially Steve. He has been a great support, a great example, and a great friend.
Yeah I notice more and more sometimes how that where I have been called to is actually fairly safe a place. The gun laws are pretty strict. And people are actually fairly friendly and willing to talk. Except some also already have prejudices or dislike so they really don't like to talk much or anything. But still can. Just not as fast of progression like other places (like Mexico, or Kevin in Indiana with 51 lessons in a week). We plug along at about 12 or so lessons a week. We would get more if people didn't stand us up.

Mom, you know it is kind of funny you sharing about your little bike scare and car incident. I must just be super used to it or something because I think you would freak out and the kind of biking we do here. Super busy streets, tons of scooters and bikes that really everyone just drives like it is a free-for-all. There are no stop signs here so intersections without lights you have to stop and make sure. Even scooters run red lights a fair amount of time. And then even on the road you ride and are going probably about 15 mph and you get cars going by you faster at like 35 or 40 mph. Literally I have a bus going that fast on my left and could reach out and touch it with my hand. Definitely Elder Oldham and I agree that we have become very comfortable on a bike and pretty much ride just about anything.

I will try and get the package out today. It is Dragon Boat Festival today, but nothing really cool or special celebrating. Mainly how they celebrate holidays here involves eating food. Oh well... :/ It's still all good!
I love you so much and miss you all the time! Can't wait for the time when we can do stuff together again!

Elder Roo