Friday, May 30, 2014

May 25, 2014 Letter

Hey Mom!
So.................................nope! Transfers didn't affect me this time. I am staying in Zhanghua as well as Elder Oldham. We are companions again. I think it is because I talk too much good about Elder Oldham to President and how much I enjoy being with him. President did mention a couple weeks back in a reply to my email that I will probably be with Elder Oldham for another move call. So.....yeah! It's funny many times how that things of move call slip out or found out because just sometimes leaders never quite keep everything secret. That's fine with me! :) I always usually am one of the ones to find things out earlier on (like about Bishop Wood over a year ago).

So it sounds like Hawaii as just probably been about the most fit and best vacation for you and Dad. I won't reply to every single thing you did, but the ziplining sounds fun. Bummer about the boat tour getting stormed out. Sad that you got flip flops for everyone but Roo. Biking can be done for fun (remember Elder Oldham and I a P-day 2 weeks ago went and rode for about 50+ km for the fun of it to take pictures, which it actually just ended up more raining a bit, so it wasn't as clear of day as it could have been).

Sounds like you really had some pretty dives there in Hawaii, especially the tunnel dive with all the light filtering in.

Also I am really happy and proud of you and Dad offering to help the Branch President that Sunday in church for that day. Way cool you got to hear the graduating seniors talk. Sounds like the BP's daughter is pretty smart and pretty 'qiang' (or strong, not muscle wise, but overall wise). Alright Mom, I still got a year, I already have work to do on myself in being confident and not worrying or anything but being myself and believing in myself. Yes I hope that I can find a cute, smart girl with a strong testimony. One of the things I don't like is so much the uncertainty and not knowing when or where. Definitely just a matter of believing in myself and knowing what is good about me and that I am good.

Fun fun doing the paddleboards. Sounds like hard work.

I am so happy about your last paragraph. I am so excited and giddy in my seat that I can't wait to hear about you getting your birthday present. I didn't get time to send the package today. So it will get sent next week. So mid-June you should get the package.

And here is my letter I sent to president to add a little more.

Hey President!
This week as always has been a good week with its ups and downs. Times of learning and growing, times of sorrow or pain, times of joy and happiness. Definitely It always feels that a mission is like a whole life packed into 2 years. I am really excited for this new move call, that I get to be with Elder Oldham again, have a chance to work even harder in Zhanghua and strive to make this area that much better than when I first came here. That is my greatest goal and desire going into this new move call, to forget more about myself and work harder than before on the Zhanghua area. Elder Oldham and I have talked about going into this new move call with a greater fire and plan to make more goals and discussion over what we can do.

This past week as it has gone by I have felt the greatest miracle to happen for us came on Tuesday after English Proselyting had gotten done, we were already a little behind schedule. We had planned to go to the more northern part of our area to see if there were houses or people out there we could contact. We had a lesson later that night and I kept analyzing things and feeling like we wouldn't get a lot of time for the finding activity and dinner. But Elder Oldham and I talked it over and through Elder Oldham's encouragement we got some bread to have as on the go snack/dinner and started biking out towards that direction to follow through with our plan. When we passed by the train station I got a call from our investigator asking if we could meet right now. After several calls with investigator and peike we got it worked out to meet right now as well as have a peike (which really helped). For me it showed more how the Lord blesses when you follow through with plans and when He needs you other places, He will let you know. That and how much I see Elder Oldham already being so much prepared to lead out an area as senior.

Sorry a bit long, for my studies this week I have felt greatly just how much each time study has come how much I really want to study the Book of Mormon as well as Preach My Gospel. That is what I have been working on to study both each day. It really helps and I feel make a difference.

Thanks so much, love ya!
Elder Dayley 

Love you so much Mom!

Elder Roo