Friday, May 30, 2014

May 4, 2014 Letter

Hey Mom!
The shirts are holding up great. We aren't barbarians. I use a stain remover as often as I can. Actually the place that gets the worst is actually the collar line. But my fighting has been keeping it at bay as I use Magic Ama (yeah basically that is like translation for old grandma or old lady). The garments are the ones where a little more in the pits are staining yellow. But they are still holding good. I really am going to try and make everything last for a whole year more so I don't have to worry about buying new things. Don't believe me? Just watch.

As for the Star Wars stickers I would have to say I want the spacecraft and vehicle ones first!

Sounds like tons and tons of stuff has been happening. I didn't know your sister is moving. But that will be cool that they will be living closer.

So yes I have been able to see Elder Bednar's videos on the pattern of light (all three parts). I have used them before in teaching and sharing. Definitely I can't imagine what it would be like to not have technology doing the Lord's work. Especially cell phones. With the amount of times that people forget about appointments or don't show up, I am glad we have cell phones to check and confirm. We have even found out that Japan missionaries have iPads right now.

I am sorry I don't have really much to say or feel like saying in part because of talking with you next week, but also in part because my mind is kind of blank. I will copy over what I shared with President Blickenstaff so my email has more substance. 

Hey President!
It feels as each week goes by (this one being no exception) that I progress just that much more. It definitely feels like climbing a mountain. Sometimes it is hard, grueling, and challenging. At other times it is exhilarating, fun, and awe-inspiring. But I always come away on Monday looking back as I am higher up the mountain and seeing all the valleys and areas I had just climbed from. I especially appreciate how President Uchtdorf puts it that we come to appreciate and understand the valleys of tribulation and trials as we look back on them from the mountains of future experiences.

Over this past week I have felt the Lord continually touch my life. Myself I am working striving towards achieving more and more worthy thoughts but especially more is handling and establishing between perfectionism and healthy, striving thoughts. I have very much come to know and understand that this transformation I desire and wish for will not happen instantly in one day or even one month. But my goal is that by the time I come home from my mission I will have learned, grown, and developed more in myself to be forgiving of myself, to be more childlike optimistic, to enjoy the wonders and awes in life, and learn to manage and handle the expectations and stresses in my life (whether from dropping things, to changing my view, to turning to the Lord).

And that is where over this past week I have felt such great desire and urging when study time comes in the morning that I just want to dive into the Book of Mormon. Like I said from a few weeks ago I have taken to studying the Book of Mormon from the beginning as I focus on faith and faith in Christ. I feel so energized and excited to get to read and learn more. I guess from this past week in learning I feel that I wish to take a step back a little more to not put myself under so much pressure as well as really coming to find the confidence in myself that I feel has slowly leaked out over the last little while. I felt so much the difference in effect as I have more confidence in myself (which includes enjoying life, having fun, but working at my best capacity) and not having so much confidence in myself. It's a work in progress and I am always thankful for all the support that is around me, including you.

Love ya!
Elder Dayley