Friday, May 30, 2014

May 11, 2014 Letter

Hey Dad!
So I will copy over my Mission President letter for you to see. But yeah just wanted to let you know that I forgot to mention I am going to the temple next week! Yay! So I will email for an hour on Monday (more to email President) then will go to the temple on Wednesday (which will be our P-day) and email another hour. Sorry I don't have photos this week. I forgot to bring my chord.

Love you so much! So good to see you! 

But yeah I love you so much!

Elder Roo

Hey President!

I feel I will always be grateful and indebted to Heavenly Father for all that He blesses me with. He knows me exactly and knows exactly who to place in my life to help me and support me. I have been blessed with my companion that I have, someone I can talk with, share with him, who lifts and supports me as well as I strive my best to support him and think about him how he can be blessed. Then I have been blessed to be in a mission where I feel always so inspired by my mission president. I feel so much the love and support that comes from you. I pray and hope that I may be as great of support to others as those have been to me.

I feel it miracle this past week that with our one solid progressing investigator that lives in our secondary area about 45 minutes away. We had set up to meet with him on Saturday. But he said that he wouldn't be able to meet if it would rain. So we prayed coming up to Saturday, and of the few days of the week Saturday ended up being a day it didn't rain. So we had a great lesson about the Gospel as well as the 10 commandments with our investigator who is willing to obey and as well as start repenting.

For myself during this week I feel the greatest thing I have learned is again the blessing of being honest and obedient even when it seems so much simpler or easier to turn inwards or think I can just handle it. I feel this has actually spawned in to me starting yesterday a new purification project. I really desire to be more pure and worthy so that I may become a better instrument in the Lord's hands. I remember the first time I did the purification project and felt that it really helped me a lot and so I am really excited and ready to get the tires running again on this next purification project. It really means a lot to me sharing your gratitude for me in this mission. I pray and hope I can be a better help and strength to you, my companion, my area, and the Lord.

Love ya!
Elder Dayley