Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jul 15, 2013

Sounds like a pretty crazy time in NY. And that is totally not fair getting filet mignon. And I can't believe how crazy expensive you said it was! Yeah, I also know that Topher comes from Christopher. Christian Peper would sometimes call me that when we were younger. But so plays, New York, the whole big lifestyle stuff like that try to confuse people, make them unsure about what is important and what isn't. The Gospel helps to direct lives, that's why it's important sharing the Gospel. You can share it sometimes. But tell me more about other things you are learning. What new insights have you had from studying. Maybe from classes. Here at the MTC and hearing from all the other missionaries, I already know how much important the Gospel is. I studied a lot on being directed and inspired by the Spirit. 

I am trying hard to learn Chinese. It is not an easy language. It takes time though and in no way can I do it on my own. That's where part of my prayers each day go towards being able to remember the language, what I have studied, and be able to understand what I hear so I can better help and serve those around me in coming unto Christ. But things have been feeling better now. We are all working together and it makes me feel good being surrounded by everyone else.

So cool experiences from this past week was first in TRC Elder Turner and I taught a 13 year old boy. It was way fun and I really enjoyed it. He is from Taiwan. His parents are in Taibei right now. But he is here with his older sister and brother (the brother is in high school, the sister is the oldest). It was funny though because at the beginning we were talking and he said in Chinese that if you need to you can speak in English. But I told him back in Chinese that we really want to speak in Chinese and want to practice teaching in Chinese. So he said that if we are struggling with a word he can help us in knowing what the word is. So we taught about the plan of salvation and focused a lot on the Atonement. We invited him to study more about the Atonement and praying about it. He said he would. It was a good experience.

So each Sunday night we can watch a video, some being Church videos and some being previous talks at the MTC. They showed last night the Testaments in Chinese. So our whole district wanted to go see it. And just about every other Chinese missionary! It was insane. So about the size of the TV room to the island in the kitchen was the size of room we had to watch it on a 32 in tv. Guess how many missionaries we had packed in there?!? I estimated about 75 of us were in there. :) that's not breaking any safety violations right? ;) It was really funny though some of the parts and how things are said and what is said. I understood a good chunk of it. Actually a lot of us were surprised at how much we understood.

So lastly, we had the opportunity cleaning the temple this morning. We went up there and went in through the dock entrance. Elder Peterson and Elder Heaton were on security. Then the rest of us went into the temple, got white scrubs (which are actually super comfy), and waited at the baptismal font area. Then they took the sisters to go work on the crystal chandelier in the sealing room and took us to clean the women's ordinance workers lockers. I only cleaned 11 lockers. But we work very thoroughly and not going fast but making good work out of it. We practiced Chinese, Elder Jenkins and Elder Ward were practicing teaching to each other. I was helping Elder Turner memorized a How to Begin Teaching point (yeah go to Preach My Gospel Chapter 10 and the How To Begin Teaching section. The 10 points there, yeah I have them all memorized in Chinese, and I have used them several times). But so we would do that cleaning down every inch of the lockers. And that's all we did for 3 and half hours. But it flew by. Afterwards, like I said, we went to go see the Brides' Room since we normally don't go to see it (all of us did, the Sisters included, except the two on security). It was all lit up and literally from walking out of the halls and into that room was such a drastic change. I literally felt something just come over me and such a peaceful, warm feeling. Marriage is such a beautiful event and when done properly and in the Lord's House creates a lasting feeling and literally has the blessings of the Lord poured out upon your marriage. It was such a great feeling being in there. I am glad I felt it and was able to witness it.

So tell Mom I am sorry I won't email her. I am kind of out of time. Sorry. But you know what's funny, she sent me President Uchtdorf's talk to me and I had already printed out that talk and another one by I believe Maxwell (talking about handling thoughts and past things coming up) that I had already read through and have marked. I was going to take a picture with them side by side, but didn't. But yeah I already had that talk printed out which was funny. The one thing that I feel about the not having immediate communication that I was referring to is that when you send me replies back to what I said it sometimes ends up being obsolete. Like last week with some of the replies. I had already grown some and studied things out and that the responses ended up not being exactly what I needed at that moment. So I have been praying that what I say in my emails can help all of you in coming unto Christ and helping you to feel the Spirit as well as what I say can best convey my thoughts and feelings so when you respond, it can best help me and be what will help me at that moment.

So that's about it.

Love ya!
Elder Roo

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Me & Elder Turner demonstrate where we'll be in about 2 weeks.