Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nov 4, 2013 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

So first off to that's awesome about getting a good grade on your test. I know it is frustrating when you get an answer and there is one that is almost it or the other choice is none of the above. I have personally had that happen multiple times. It is super annoying.... But yeah I often include you and Dad in my prayers as well as I think every fast since I have been here I include you and Dad in my prayer that Dad will be able to do his work well and that your school studies well and that the both of you can balance your lives and find time for each other, the dogs, for your own physical well being, and such. I really do care and miss you a lot.

Poor Rusty... :( all cold and shivering. Non of the weiner dogs here have to worry about a sweater. It's still just as hot and everything. Ughhhhh! Oh well I think I am fairly well used to how hot it is here all the time.

So for Halloween, yeah I got the joke. I did take Jazz Band and everything. So I am familiar with the song Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. Literally it didn't even feel one bit like Halloween here. Large part of it is that it is super small here. So very different compared to the US. The other part is that really as a missionary it doesn't feel like any day is special (except P-Day :) ). I think I remember right that Thursday night Elder Chen and I went tracting as well as calling through our APR (basically has our investigators numbers as well as potential investigators that we can call and try to set up times with). Then afterwards we met up with the EQP to go visit first a member who is at a PVS place (Persistant Vegitative State, he is 17 years old and got in a scooter accident, his head no joke looks like there is a second skull coming off of his normal skull. Also while we were there there was an earthquake (my first one!). It was a small one though) and afterwards went to try a visit LAs. So that was my Halloween.

Honestly I enjoy reading your letter. Don't worry or fret that you don't write like Dad. Each person is different. I like everything. 

Thanks for expressing and telling me I am a good missionary. I will probably say more in Dad's email as well as Elder Dailey may have expressed some to Dad, but I just need to have more self-confidence and not doubt myself.

I love you lots and miss you a ton!
Elder Dayley