Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 4 & 6

Hey Mom,

I will email you back on Wednesday. I read your email and thought your lesson and story with the YW was really cool and sounded way awesome. As some updates, our duanchuan goes back tomorrow. Last week at English Proselyting had one of the most beautiful things happen. A Nissan GTR came through the intersection and he was accelerating fast. So it sounded way awesome! Yeah the typhoon was pretty so so, doesn't really hit here in Taizhong. Also our English class hit 102 students this past week. Elder Ward and I always have the most students in our Intermediate class (about 30 or 31). But it has been way cool as I have seen the sister missionaries working hard in getting some of the students to come to church or meeting. But yeah we are going to the temple this Wednesday. So I will email for another hour on Wednesday. Talk to you then!

So this past week since it was a member's birthday (he just dropped off the CAL meaning he passed his one year mark of being a member back in June) as well as my 1 year anniversary of being on the island of Taiwan, we went to a place called Shark Bites Toast. A little more expensive, but they have pretty dang good papaya milk as well as I got some french toast (so nice to get a little taste of home).

Then this is what happens when your duanchuan (our short term missionary we had with us for 10 days, a way funny 17 year old kid from Taichung) gets his hands on your camera. He takes pictures of you while you are planning at night and drinking some juice.

And then today we went to the temple. So I know I already have gotten pictures with the temple before, so I did it a little different this time to go in front of the visitors center plaque to take a picture. And of course wearing my snazzy suit with my new red dragon tie I got a couple weeks ago.

Couldn't ask for a better place to serve a mission. I love Taiwan! Hope you all are well!

To Dad

Thanks for sharing with me all your feelings, thoughts, impressions, and so on and so on. I really never feel like I have that much effect and do that much. Which is where I have come to the feeling that I have come to be maybe so humble that I need to add a little pride in again to take credit and such for myself in seeing that I have done good things, I am good, and will continue to do good. Which is also a thought came to me today about how I think many times (maybe too many times) I have come to just use the bad or negative things in my life to define me and who I am. 

But I appreciate your words and what you shared with me. I really do. I love you so much though and appreciate so much you have taught me in my life. 

Tell mom congrats on getting into the school and her hard work! 

As for investigators that will have to be more next week. The 9 year old boy has gone forward with anything yet because we are trying to get the aunt involved and talking with his mom. Hasn't happened yet. The other scooter guy I accidently set up for today but forgot that we went to the temple. I tried calling to reschedule but he hasn't replied and sent a text but hasn't replied back yet. So praying on him.