Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 24, 2014 Letter

Hey Dad!
Well another week another dollar....except that we don't make dollars at all. I guess the term can still be used though that we make it rain, with baptism water. The other Taiping elders had a baptism this last Saturday which was way cool because he was found through English, actually in the class Elder Ward and I taught. So I knew the investigator as well. But then this next Saturday we are going down to Yuanlin because an investigator Elder Williams had found and taught down there is getting baptized. So we are going to go see that, and we will get to see Elder Randall as well. So this week should be pretty fun. And our two investigators are on line for their baptism dates on 9/13. So pray for them as well.

Alright, alright I will spend some time telling about my companion. So Elder Shadrack Williams is from Parker, Idaho. He comes from a family of 8, him being the oldest. Like I think I mentioned before, he did wrestling as well as boxing. So basically he is the one you don't want to get on your bad side, or else you will be hurting. He was trained down in Yuanlin right when I got to Zhanghua, so I saw him around about once a month or so when the zone got together. Then we both moved to Taichung together at the same time, except he went to Dongying and I went to Taiping (same district, same church building, right by each other). Then after a move call he was kicked out of Dongying because Elder Christensen started training. He went with the other Taiping elders, which actually turned out to be really funny because they got the move call call and he was told he would be with me in Taiping. So the next night, Sunday night, he came with Elder Randall and me, and we just had a blast and a half the 3 of us. So I think he is on his 5th move call. We have been doing pretty good. Been pushing each other to work out each morning hard (getting up at 6 to go running, then working out back at home). I actually since I have changed part of my diet over to where I bring out my own lunch instead, I have lost some weight now to where I am about 172-3 or so. I am actually pretty happy about that. But yeah Elder Williams has given good feedback (like something Elder Randall mentioned as well, is that in general sometimes I explain things a lot longer then they should or too much detail, which I find to actually be something of a challenge because of how much I am an engineer). We also have gotten in some pretty good arguments and debates (actually just happening within the last couple days) over some pretty unimportant stuff, like this morning debating about that infinity is definitive and that infinity minus infinity can equal infinity. But we are doing really good. Getting to know each other more. Have lots of laughs and such (probably not always the most obedient about getting to bed on time, which is something we are working on).

But for leadership, our district is pretty strong and pretty good. Last week for my first training meeting it was my choice and I decided to talk about companionship unity and having synergy (which actually fell in line with President's invite to the mission). Elder Williams said he thought the training meeting was good as well as Elder Christensen. So hopefully I make a good leader and can help our district...

As for investigator A and investigator B (both with baptismal goals for 9/13). They are doing super good. Investigator B has already come to church 3 times, is in 2 Nephi, and is still willing to get baptized (just wants to keep building his faith). Investigator A is just a boss. I mean I was a little nervous on Sunday that he didn't come to church and didn't answer his phone. But after Priesthood I come out and he is sitting on the sofa there (thank goodness I wrote a baptismal planner up for him so he knows what we need to share with him, because that is why he showed up, was to sit down with us). Turns out he went to a concert yesterday and didn't come to church. But just right, we shared about keeping the Sabbath day holy with him. And at first he expressed a little scared because next week there was another concert on Sunday, but we taught with him more and he committed that he would keep the Sabbath day holy, come to church and not go to the concert. Pretty much pray for them that they may feel the spirit, so that they can really build a strong testimony.

Also pray for me that I can be stronger about trying to talk with everyone. The adversary gets hard on me sometimes to not want to talk or really proselyte, but I have been trying to work hard and get over those feelings. Just pray that those hard, bad feelings can become not so strong, or that I can have greater strength to overcome them easier. And I have not stopped praying for you and mom. I hope you and mom are doing better and that you can keep building your relationship stronger.

It's up to you how many sweaters you send. Keep it to solid colors. Probably no on the collar. And you will have to decide on button or no button. Think about it and think about if I would look sleek and good in it. Probably ask Allisa and Allaina as well.

Well almost about it. I love you lots, miss you lots, Elder Williams and I have actually talked some about home stuff and just makes me cherish and look forward so much more to all the fun and happy times I get next year. Love you!

Elder Roo