Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sept 1 Letter

Hey Dad!

I really like what you said about mindfulness. It's very true and definitely helps in getting rid of a pessimistic outlook on life. I will have to try it and work at it.

Some of the cartoons are pretty funny. Like in one your latest letters that had like two pages of cartoons with it Elder Williams thought they were pretty funny. I liked them too, like the one about I don't want to be District Leader anymore. You can always also send more Far Side comics or Dilbert. Those are pretty funny as well.

I think you spoil me too much with how much I get and receive from you and Mom. Don't get me wrong though I love it all. And am super grateful. 

Crazy the Courtney Wells came home a little early. She was in the MTC at the same time I was. I saw her around a couple times. Also super crazy weird that she came home only 85 lbs. Especially living in Japan (which compared to Taiwan is far more advanced and 1st world) and especially in Tokyo. She must have gotten some virus or something, or really came to a point of not liking the food. Hope she does well and recovers quickly. 

Yeah Ryan said he was going around Taiwan with Nate Erikson and then for a little bit by himself. I would say the things about when to come to Taiwan that are up in the air is if you wait too late into summer or August mangos go out of season and seriously you do not want to miss the chance to eat the fruit or mangos here. The only other big determining factor is weather which actually you and mom keep emailing about it being rainy over here. It actually has been an odd summer with not as much rain or Typhoons as normal. It finally rained last Saturday and the time before that was probably a couple weeks. So that is my 2 cents on Taiwan. Japan I have no idea on. That is your area. But going to Florida end of June and beginning of July sounds really fun. Sounds like a plan.

Thanks for praying for me and for our investigators. Investigator A is one interesting character. I love him but yeah he still is interesting. He is like 50, not married. But every single invite we have given him he is immediately willing to do it. We sat down with him yesterday to teach about Tithing, Fast Offering, Priesthood, and Temples. We had the 2nd counselor in the bishopric sit with us and really helped in just asking some direct questions as well as reviewing about restoration and priesthood. When we asked if he believes Joseph Smith is a prophet, he said he is, I mean the Book of Mormon is true, he translated it, so he must be a prophet. So we strongly encouraged him to keep praying asking Heavenly Father about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon as well as Priesthood. But yeah he has read to 2 Nephi now and he is looking really good to reach his goal of September 13.

Brother L is also doing really good. The members have been really good of welcoming him. He has already come to church 3 times. And it turned out really good last Thursday when we went on splits with the EQ, Elder Williams went with Brother X (the 2nd counselor in the bishopric) to visit Brother L, and found out that he wasn't exactly praying because he didn't quite know how to pray (this came about mainly because he speaks Taiwanese a lot better than Chinese, he can still understand Chinese, but he has an interesting accent and we are foreigners so we have an accent as well, so when we have met with him ourselves it is a lot harder to get points across, so we for sure need a member with us). So they helped to clear that up and made things right. So Brother L is doing really well as well. We still have a little more of commandments to share with him. But he is already keeping the WoW which for a lot of Taiwanese is hard. But he is keeping it really good.

That's about all that there is for now. I love you lots and miss you tons. If you want to know more of my current stance you can ask Allisa, since she knows a little more right now. Let me know if there is anything I can do!

Elder Roo

Hey Mom!

Sounds like church was really good. We had it really good with church yesterday. They definitely implement me a lot for playing piano. In Gospel Principles class (which we have a really strong and good class for our investigators) I play for an opening hymn and they have started doing a hymn sung by missionaries that are specific for the topic that day that I play the piano as well for. Then I play in priesthood as well. I even this last week Elder Williams and I were talking and he asked me about music and wanting to know more to play the piano. So I taught him some.

But as well as yesterday was 5th Sunday, and 3rd hour lesson was on missionary work. So Brother X helped in heading it up but gave time over for us missionaries to to do some training. Then right at the end of church a young man in the ward opened up his mission call (so even our investigators got to see it and understand more about missionary work). He is called to serve in Los Angeles Chinese speaking.

Aw man, you know me. Yeah the V-neck sweaters would be a lot better and i would like a lot better. As for treats and snacks I will like just about anything you would send. Just think outside the box of stuff that Taiwan does not have that is reminds me of home and is really good.

Pretty funny about Kev's bed being pink. You might just have to send him a Hello Kitty pillow. It would be perfect. Also good luck with the oral surgery. Doesn't sound too fun.

Love you lots, good luck with school this week, miss you and think of you always!

Elder Roo