Saturday, October 11, 2014

Letter September 28

Hey Dad!

That actually sounds like a good idea to maybe try for Elders. Also I would say try and do any other kind of simple activities as well. Maybe even try and get some more sports in there. Guys all like sports. And you are all not that old. So maybe golf, basketball, and so forth. Like here we play basketball twice a week. Once on Saturday more focusing on inviting investigators. Then on Monday morning from 6-7 for our exercise (this is just more the missionaries as well as some members). None of us are particularly good. But we just play to have fun and be with each other. So good luck with getting the Elders all more involved and getting more friendly.

It's interesting that the stress management book talks about specifically if something is bothering you to talk it out and let it out. If it is something that you don't want to talk about, then don't let it bother you. Yeah it can sometimes be a pain when your whole routine and comforts get disrupted, but that is what life sometimes is all about. How we learn, react, and grow.

So this is what I shared with President today. Actually kind of in response more to what you said as well about recognizing the Spirit. 

Hey President!
Well it's a new week and super excited for the next move call. This week had some good moments to help me formulate out strong plans of what I can do each day to work more effectively, with greater excitement, and more joy and happiness. I am looking forward to what Elder Williams and I can do to improve and accomplish in this coming move call. We have lots that we communicate to each other and what we are willing to help push and motivate each other to do.

I feel to simply share with you about this past week my studies. I really focused in Preach My Gospel this past week studying Chapter 1, really desiring to better understand what my purpose is. It's really helped to see how important it is to refer and talk about the Restoration, regardless of what background or religion they come from. Like you said as well, is having a love for the people. The love of God. Something that stood out to me and has progressed my Preach My Gospel study to its next phase was how much Chapter 1 talked about as well as to having the Spirit and its role and importance as a missionary right now. So I have begun studying Chapter 4 on recognizing the Spirit. It's really been impressed upon me that the beginning talks of needing to recognize and understand the Spirit. And that it states through diligent scripture study you come to better recognize and understand the Spirit. So that is my quest right now to more fully understand and recognize the Spirit. Because I cannot do this work on my own.

Love ya!
Elder Dayley

Z is liking and enjoying the Nantun ward as well. He hasn't had a baptism interview yet because President hasn't gotten a hold of him yet to set up a time to meet (probably because he is so busy). But he sounds like he is still doing really good. Brother A and Brother L are doing super awesome. They both got the priesthood yesterday. Brother L is super awesome about wanting to share the gospel and wanting to be involved in everything.

Yes I am watching Conference a week later. So don't you spoil anything for me! So I am watching it the 11th and 12th.

Love you lots and lots!

Elder Roo