Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 5th Letter

Hey Dad!

Sincerely thank you for what you said. It's giving me much to think on and what I really need to do and not do. Poor Miko with getting stung by bees. Sorry this week email is not going to be exactly the best.

Super excited for the Star Wars Stickers! Besides that I really cannot think of anything i want for Christmas. I mean I really can't. There isn't anything I need at all right now. All is simply devoted to the work and serving others. So maybe hold off till I come home next year.

I love you Dad! I wouldn't want any other man to be my Dad! I am the most sincerely and humbly grateful for the family I have been born into. I love that it says in my patriarchal blessing that you are blessed in the family you are born in.

Love you!
Love mom as well! Sorry for not replying!

Elder Dayley