Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 13

Hey Dad!

Late night huh? I think in part as well that you wanted to talk. Things are doing better this week. President actually called and talked with me Saturday night because he had just seen my email I sent him last week, in large part also talking and asking for his counsel. One big thing he talked with me about is to think about and try to understand emotional self-reliance. We talked and he said I think you are doing well.. He also talked a little more about being perfect and said in his reply to email today straight up you are not perfect and that is ok. That is why we have the atonement.

Elder Williams and I just watched like all the trailer videos for Meet the Mormons. We really, really, really, really want to watch the movie!

Thanks for what you said in your email today though. One thing I come to realize quite bluntly is the confidence I need in myself. And that is why Elder Klebingat's talk stood out the most poignantly to me. I am printing the talk off to study over it more and the six points because I feel it was the answer I was needing for the questions I had going into conference.

Sometimes one of the hardest things I find and is difficult in my life is the whole aspect of forgiving and forgetting or in other sense moving forward and moving on. You know the whole analogy you used to talk about where you keep focused on and towards, about having a car going down a road and there are maybe some little rocks you see and you can fret over them, be consumed by them, waste time over them, or you can look up and look forward to all the other great things around and that are happening? You remember? That is something I am still at times having weakness in but improving upon. I really wish it could be super solid all up front. But it has to be built one block at a time. It can be pretty exhausting though. One thing I noted to Elder Williams today is how distracting, saddening, annoying, and quite frankly disgusting is how fake many Taiwanese girls make themselves out to be. There are many things they do to their own body that almost makes them to the extent of not feeling human exactly. It's kind of scary because one of the greatest defenses for myself is trying to always keep in mind we are all human, all children of God, all sons and daughters of heavenly parents, and when they do things to take away from that it makes all the effort work and such on my part that much harder. One of the weirdest and most things that takes away from being human is the contact lens they put in. Like they literally put different color contact lens in, or even lens that have a little sparkle in it (like what you see happens on an anime show that someones eyes sparkle) and it really makes it feel more inhuman than human.

But yeah. I am actually not going to fully get to replying to all today because I am going to the temple on Wednesday. So shorter email time today. Two things though is one: we are meeting with a Jehovah's Witness (since birth, his mom and dad were assigned to Taiwan as missionaries. His biggest thing is about figuring out if the Book of Mormon is the word of God or not. He has met with about 30 odd missionaries, and with the last set finally decided to try praying and said he got a peaceful answer and so forth saying the book simply cannot be true. So yeah...the other big thing is the whole difference between godhead stuff. Any advice or such you could pass along that will help with a Jehovah's Witness. We are meeting with him again on Friday). Second: when are you going to Florida in December. A member  in the ward I am serving at right now is going on his mission in December. He is serving in LA, but first goes to the Provo MTC. If I remember right he gets into Utah on December 16. But so point being, he mentioned about he somehow has to get down to the MTC from the airport. I thought about well we live half way between each, and I know you have a big old heart. So maybe you could help pick him up and drive him down to the MTC. Let me know if you are still going to be in Utah or not.

Love you lots!

Elder Dayley