Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 27

Hey Dad!

Well thanks about sending your thoughts and feelings on leadership. It will be much appreciated.

Oh man, I love that Zephyr is so much in to cars, trucks, and planes. Super super cool that he loved the car stunt show. You are such a good grandpa helping out the grandkids. I know Allisa appreciated a lot the time you spent and spend with them.

I know exactly what will happen when I get time to be with Zephyr and Sahara. I may or may not corrupt them, but I will start them off on the right foot with Star Wars and Top Gear ;) They will be taught well.

Sahara grows too fast and too much. Yes Sahara is such a princess. I can't believe she is going as a different princess each time over the past week. Elder Williams is proud and happy that she went as Elsa from Frozen. That really is a movie I want to see when I get back. So I know Sahara and I will probably end up watching it together. I don't think I ever mentioned but I got a couple movies here in Taiwan. One was simply for getting the Chinese Cover even though it isn't in Chinese (that is Tron Legacy, which has a super sick soundtrack because it is done by Daft Punk). Then other which I am super happy about because it is dubbed in English and Chinese is Wreck It Ralph. So I can't wait to go and watch it in Chinese.

Definitely it is true what you said about being leader. I have felt that at times about being DL. I have felt over the last several days that feeling of transitioning towards seeking more and more to be of service and seeking those who need serving and really taking to having more desire in the lives and work of the members of my district.

I hope mom is doing better! She is so strong!

Well a new investigator we have recently gotten is super cool. Our RC who is 15 and was baptized just before (literally the weekend before) I came to Taiping invited his friend to come to basketball on Saturday. We didn't have much time and sat down with a different investigator, but afterwards went to dinner together with our RC and his friend, but then had to take off quick to another lesson. But to our surprise our RC invited the friend to church the next day and then at the end of priesthood the RC came up and asked if we had time (which we had) and asked if we could sit down with his friend. So we had 3 young men sit in with us on our lesson and taught ZW the first lesson (which he accepted well), and extended a baptism goal for Nov. 22 (which he accepted). So he has been doing not too bad, making good friends in the ward, working at helping him to read and pray each day, and striving towards progressing to achieve his goal.

Definitely trying and doing to make each day fun. I won't lie I had a bit of a crash this past week, but it is the last one. There is a different feeling inside, and it is hard to describe but feels that I am not quite the same.

I love you lots and lots!

Elder Roo