Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 13 - 2

Oct 13

Also here is President's letter

Hey President!
So yeah as we talked last week, things are doing better. I will take to heart what you suggested to learn about and understand emotional self-reliance. I will work at applying and implementing this practice throughout my life and building greater and greater confidence in myself to seeing the joy and optimism each day. Something I look forward from Elder Klebingat's talk to learn a lot from.

This past week we have seen many miracles in the form of many, many more people who have been willing to listen, talk, and also start setting up to meet with us. It's been in parts a very much turn around from what has recently been happening. So I have lots more hope and faith to go forward knowing this is the Lord's work. I really wish to express so much of my gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who constantly watches over me as well as everyone else. What a tremendous blessing it is, especially in all that he provides for us. One big thing being General Conference. What a power booster! I had answers received not just for myself but also for investigators I was pondering on as well as less actives. One part that really stood out to me was the mention of the sacrament, to not only look at it as a moment of redemption seeking and seeing all the mistakes or sins we made and then seeking forgiveness. But rather looking back to see throughout the week how the atonement had helped to enable me to do what was placed before me. To then go into the new week with greater hope.

p.s. Elder Williams and I saw the Meet the Mormons trailer and think it would be really cool if at some point in time the mission could see it. Like Elder Williams said, hopeful wishing

Love ya!
Elder Dayley

Also a quick note this whole week is going to be a power week. General Conference was amazing. I noticed my first conference on mission I had 15 pages of notes. My second conference about 19 pages. Then I blew it out of the water this time with 32 pages. I guess conference really touched me a lot. Wednesday we are going to the temple, which will be most welcome. And then Thursday we have interviews with president.

Love you so much!

Elder Dayley