Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 20 -2

Hey Dad!
So yeah I told a little more in the other email. But yes you are right I have learned to smile. Something I just need to learn is to let go more and relax a bit more. Like you said have more fun. That's why I actually I really like the Frozen song Let It Go (Sahara would be so proud). It has a really good message for me.

You are so lucky as a Dad how much you get to see your kids as well as grandkids that often. I hope you see and understand how special a blessing that is (even if he did say Grandma). I can't wait to see them and go play with them next summer.

Wow you are right, there are only 5 more move calls. I really want to and will make them the most fun of any part of my mission. I really want to immerse that much more in the language. Besides what PMG says and so forth, do you have any other suggestions about how to really come to be in the language more? One of my goals before I come home is about changing myself to be and feel more comfortable, to be and feel more comfortable (like Cody is). At times I can be, other times I can't. So I am working to move the dial over to be all the time.

I am really happy that you and Mom have been having a stronger relationship. Keep working at it. You 2 are amazing and I don't care what has ever been said, you were meant for each other and this is exactly the family you and her were meant to have and to be apart of.

I will be good, I will be awesome, and I will love myself as much as others love me. Because I am a son of God. Because I am a missionary for Jesus Christ. Because I am a disciple of the Lord. Therefore I know that I can face and overcome my challenges. Because my trust is not in the arm of flesh, but in the Lord. That is something you always have taught me and impressed upon me. You have always been one of my greatest examples (behind Christ of course) and greatest heroes that although you have weaknesses and are not perfect, you have always been seeking to do what is right.

So question is how as you have been a leader now for a bit as EQP, how have you come to develop and build to becoming a strong leader, a servant to others, and developing greater love and charity?

Love you so much!
Elder Dayley