Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 9 to Allisa

Hey Sis!

So the Halloween party actually went pretty good! Our spook alley went pretty funny but also scary. I played scary music a lot on a really out of tune piano. Then we had some fun games at the end as well with a spiritual share. I tried a bobbing for apple and got it the second try.

Yeah I will be playing for the stake next week. I have been working as hard as I can at the piece with the time I can fit in and not use up too much with missionary work. Hopefully it should all go well.

I am happy the primary program went well and that Sahara did so good. We had our primary program this last week as well. It was super cute and super funny. There was one little boy who didn't want to go up and do it, so his dad had already recorded him saying it and got up to the pulpit and put his phone up to the mic. Pretty funny!

I am sure Sahara had the best birthday ever with it being little mermaid.

Super cool Marty is opening up his practice with his brother. I think that smile on orthodontics is much better sounding in my opinion.

Love you lots!
Elder Roo