Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 27 -2

Hey Mom!
That is so crazy that the Newmans are already home!!!! I feel like it was yesterday that they left!!! Super cool the work they got to do, especially working with those who are inactive. It's a little sad to see how many people become inactive here in Taiwan. As of right now there are about 500 people in our ward boundary that are baptized, and only around 70 to 80 are active. So the Bishopric (coming down from higher authorities) have had us turning in names of people that literally cannot be found or contacted in anyway (I think it may be to pretty much reverse back the baptisms that happened because as sad as it is there were periods of time where baptisms were not as really as qualified as they should, well before my time on island).

So crazy that Robbie is going on a mission now too! These people I still feel all the time are so young and shouldn't be that old yet. But you are totally right about the church being worldwide. Even though everything of my church meetings I attend here in Taiwan are in Chinese, it is exactly the same as what it is like back in Alpine. There are exactly the same types of people. People are still not always on time or things start late. The stereotypical things about Elders, Relief Society, Bishopric and so forth are all the same over here. The Lord's kingdom! Oh yeah! That is what makes it so great about no matter where you go, it is still one great, big family.

You should definitely try and go to the Mo Tab concert. Elder Williams is jealous about the guest artist who played the voice of a character in Frozen performing with them.

I can't wait to see and here what you have prepared and what Allisa has prepared. Parts of me keep hoping that I don't move right before Christmas (there is a move call that literally happens a couple days before Christmas). That would not be as fun.

You know me though, anything that is Star Wars or cars is good enough for me. I don't think I mentioned I got a kids book that has tons of super cars in it with like a page description on (all in Chinese of course, but it has the Chinese bpmf next to it so I can read the characters I don't know and will be able to practice in the future).

Good luck with the studying. Whenever you get down and feel it is hard, say a prayer! Love you ltos and lots!

Elder Dayley