Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct 20

Hey Mom!
Pretty crazy huh?! 加油,加油! I miss you lots and lots though. Mom you have been such a stupendous example of your hard work, diligence, and enduring even through the hard times (even like right now, taking care of 3 weiner dogs, visiting Beehives, and helping out in choir as well as doing all your schooling). Sounds like though church was really really good! I'm sad I didn't get the chance to hear Cody's homecoming as well as hear Heather talk.

They are definitely right that prayer is such a powerful instrument and tool. I kid you not but my mission has taught me how to pray. Like to actually pray and seek so much more to talk and communicate with Heavenly Father. P Blickey shared with me this past week in interviews something that can better help me at this time, and it all revolves around my prayers. He talked about at night when I pray before laying my head down to rest is to talk with Heavenly Father and say I did my best. If I didn't do my best that day then tell Him I didn't do my best, then ponder and think for a minute or two of couple things (as well as be listening for the Spirit) to make the next day or the next week better so that it doesn't turn out like that again. He also talked about really taking time to listen at my prayers in the morning. Similarly ask Heavenly Father in the morning what can I do for Him that day. Then ponder and listen for a minute or two and then go and write down these impressions and go about to accomplish these goals throughout the day. President said that actually that morning he had an experience where he had quickly said his morning prayer then quickly got up and went into the bathroom. But then it bothered him and so he came back and knelt down again to think, ponder, and listen to the Spirit, and he received some few thoughts that he wrote down that he felt needed to happen that day.

You are exactly right! It is the matter of not despairing during the hard times. I am learning more and more right now about picking myself up and not reverting to punishing myself so much. But yeah like I said if I were to probably count it out and so forth I probably make anywhere from 40 to 50 prayers a day. Most often or not they are little small ones. But my really meaningful and end of the day prayers can sometimes be up to like 20 minutes or so. I told Elder Williams what you said about pinning me down. He said ok, although he also said he doesn't know exactly how to respond to that.

I can't wait to get the stickers! I am really excited! I have to start looking around a bit now for everyone's Christmas presents and slash birthday presents. I don't really know what to say or do for Sahara's birthday or Allaina's birthday. I will be thinking on it this week.

Mom thank you so much for all you say and all you do! I love you so much and couldn't ask for any other Mom. You are the best mom in the world. Good things are going to happen. I can feel it. An update, Elder Sumsion who was our AP has now stepped down to come open up again the 東英 Elders with another Elder from a different area. So that means my district just got bigger again that I have 2 Elder companionships to watch over and the sister training leaders. Being a leader has really taught me so much more and what I really wish to better work at becoming a better leader that I may better be a servant to others and those around me.

Love you lots and lots!

Elder Dayley