Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 2 to Allisa

Hey Sis!
Oh man! I didn't know when my card would get there. I was just hoping it wouldn't take too long. I sent 2 weeks ago Thursday. So not too bad! :D I am so happy that she loved the card. I literally spent like 15 minutes or so deciding between cards for her and Allaina. I wanted to get one that was perfect (not too Taiwanese weird, but still enough Taiwanese there that it is cool and unique). I love her too! I thought the stickers would be priceless. Half of them on there I have been to or have seen.

Yeah I agree the price for 東西是超級誇張. But still super cool and awesome for Sahara to have that experience and memory. Aw man! Z is loving my most favorite ride! Hands down that is the best one there, the cars ride. Super funny that he loves Buzz and Woody. I know that at least between mom and I that is a special movie because each one follows pretty much exactly the timeline of my life as well. When the 3rd one came out and Andy was going off to college, I was graduating and going off to college.

You made Sahara and Zephyr's costume!? That is super good! I never knew you to be that creative and that good at making things. When I saw the picture I recognized that Sahara was Ariel but I just thought Z was a lobster. Then after a minute it dawned on me that it looked more like a crab and that he was probably the crab from the little mermaid. Still can't believe you made it though! 

Yeah pretty much kids get loaded with candy at Halloween. You know it is kind of sad that Halloween literally came and went and I didn't even really realize it was Halloween. Something that was in the back of the mind, but when it was Friday I maybe remembered when I woke up, but going throughout the day it just got forgotten and I didn't even say happy Halloween at all. It's ok though, this Wednesday is our English party and we are doing a Halloween party. So we are going to try and pull off some spook alley as well as some games. Elder Williams and I have it worked out to use the high council room which has a big oval table. We are getting the help of some youth (our RC is really good at sneaking up on us and popping up at our sides without us knowing, so he will work great). The piano in there is really out of tune, so our RC printed off some music from a scary Taiwanese movie that I will play on that as people go through (because it will be super dark so they won't see me either).

I think Z may be getting some of me in him. I was a bit of a little impatient boy when I was younger. Sometimes I still can be. It's gotten better though.

Good thing Halloween was a success. Good luck with the songs! You will do great! I know you can! I literally get asked to play the piano each Sunday and they end up being songs from the hymn book or children't book and some I haven't played before at all but I just pick it up there and play. Also they changed there minds back again that I will accompany playing the piano for the choir that is performing in Stake Conference in 2 weeks. It is actually a pretty tricky piece, but I have been getting it down. It is called "Beautiful Savior". We will have a flutist as well as celloist accompanying. Overall I want to get my part down really well so it won't be too intimidating playing at stake conference. Eli, a member, was telling me how the conductor talked with the stake coordinator for music who talked with President saying they can't move me this next week (a new move call next week and I have already been in my area for 3 move calls) because they can't find anyone else that quick to accompany on the piano. So nothing is for sure, but thought it kind of funny how they went all the way up to P. Blickey to say I can't move.

Well anything for Christmas really would be some nice little sweets of home. Like Reeses or Pop Tarts. Those are always good. Besides that though there really isn't anything I need.

I love you lots and lots!

Elder Roo