Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 2 to Dad

Hey Dad!
So you come to be the last of the day! I think you are pretty crazy for how much traveling you have been doing just the past week. I would be pretty dog tired, especially if I was 50 ;) 

I think you are stealing Zephyr too much. I haven't even met the little guy at all yet! Don't take too much of him now!

Oh and you say you have watched Cars with them. I already have it lined up that I will start them off the right foot. We will watch Star Wars and as well as Wreck It Ralph (maybe even in Chinese as well). I will make sure Zephyr loves Star Wars!

Tell Mom thanks for her sweet comments. It touches me a lot. Tell her good luck and keep working hard. She is doing a good job. And it doesn't matter that maybe she is a little older, she is just more revered. Just like the older missionaries (like who have come out later than normal) tend to be more revered and looked up to.

Can't believe Jeff is now married. And what is funny is missionaries still know at least Elder Stark's name around here (I will have to say for good and for bad). But yeah I miss the people back home or all like the scripture study.

I can't believe that McKenna Mecham is going on mission too, and to Sweden none the less. I don't really think or feel that I put that big of an influence on the younger generation. Like I said before I was just trying to do what was right.

Definitely that was a tender mercy that you missed the exit to then see the temple.

As for C (our investigator and RC's friend). His parents have been fighting and talking about divorce, so please pray for him and his family because he still hasn't shared with them that he is meeting with us.

I haven't gotten the letter from Disney yet, but it will probably come this week. I got the Star Wars stickers though. Awesome!

Love ya!

Elder Dayley