Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 2, 2014 Letter to Dad

Hey Dad!

Thank you so much for all that you have shared. So this will be a bit shorter than a response I would like to give as I spent a little more time focused on Allisa's email.

Yes it really stunk leaving Jiayi. I left a little part of my heart there. It was dear to me and I pray with all my heart I can go back, or even more have the opportunity again to be with Elder Mudrow.

So to start. I am in Zhanghua City. I am serving in the 1st ward (Elder Dailey had served here before). You know the two native companions I was staying with, I am now companions with one of them now. They had just finished training this past week. So you know what that means......I am now senior companion! Wow! Parts of me feel like I am not ready for it yet. But then parts feel like if Heavenly Father and President Blickenstaff think I am, then I am ready for it. I have the feeling as well that I will be in Zhanghua a bit longer. At first when I got here I didn't really like it. I felt lost, disconnected, a bit confused, unhappy. But starting Saturday as I really made the effort, things started to turn around. Then Sunday was a blessing to me. Letter to P. Blickenstaff:

Well definitely this past week has been a whirlwind of events and everything. I won't lie I left a chunk of my heart in Jiayi. I loved that area as well as my companion and the people. I hope in the future I will get another opportunity to return to Jiayi. Definitely being in Zhanghua and being with Elder Han and Elder Chen (who were finishing training) was a bit hard. I felt disconnected, lost a bit, having a hard time. I was very grateful though for being able to go to the temple (I didn't know at all that this zone was going, so I kind of got 2 P-days this past week the other one going to Fancy World with the 4-man in Jiayi and a member). But as Saturday came I made the resolution to go out and serve, to forget myself and think of others. It made all the difference, and then carrying over into Sunday and fasting helped to really allow me to start to love the area and start loving my new companion. Definitely this past week has been a lot of uncertainty and anxiety not knowing where I would end up. But knowing now that I am in Zhanghua as senior with another native companion makes me feel that you as well as Heavenly Father really have a lot of trust in me. I pray and will strive to do my best to make Heavenly Father proud and help wherever and whenever I can.

For me my most spiritual and touching this past week was Sunday. I was so blessed at church yesterday and can truly testify of how revitalizing it is and how necessary it is for our spirits. Fasting and attending church helped to uplift me, pick me up, brush me off, and prepare me for a new week. I want to testify now more than ever to people how important and vital attending church is. I will forever be grateful and thankful for what the Lord blesses me with and these experiences I gain each week.

I testify and know that church is a necessity. It is interesting and funny that your email is ghosting exactly what my thoughts have been over the last 24 hours. Church is needed every week. Because if not our spirit will starve and die. Truly it needs nourishment and food. And attending church along with keeping the Sabbath holy help to feed it, uplift it, and grow us.

So yeah my new companion is Elder Chen (yes another Elder Chen! :D). He is from Taibei and his whole family are members. He is a way nice guy and very loving and a hard worker. I think he is 24 (he has already gone and done dang bing, the mandatory military service). But so as I said he has just finished being trained which means he is starting his 3rd move call and I am starting my 6th. I still feel so young and like a noob on the island of Taiwan. But this is where I trust in the Lord more than ever that He will help me in adjusting, acclimating to the area, getting to know my companion, the people, and serving with all my heart as my love develops.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for sending a birthday package. This will be probably the best birthday ever.
I found that zone conference is going to be on my birthday! Yay :D

Love you so much!

Elder Roo