Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feb 26, 2014

Hey, Hey all!!

So have you noticed what is different yet? Today is not Monday! I legitimately have just got 2 P-days this week! 

I don't know if this was some slip of the mind on leaders parts and such, but I am counting it as a huge blessing :D 

So this is what all happened. I went to Fancy world on Monday for P-day with Elder Mudrow, Elder Ng, Elder Palmer, and Eddy (a member). We played around for almost 4 hours. We went on this one coaster called the G5 6 times. It is a bit scary but so much fun and thrilling. It brings you up really high. Then brings you around the corner to where it will go down and drop. It stops the roller coaster car at the edge and hangs you over the edge for a certain amount of time and then lets you go. We also went on the other coaster 3 times which was a floorless coaster but rail is beneath you. There was also this one ride called the Inverter. That one was just ridiculous. Besides just spinning around one point of axis, the car out on the lever arm is spinning around a separate point of axis. We also went on this tiny log flume ride that we didn't realize at the top before the drop is exits water and so gets going really fast when you drop and hit the water. Needless to say Elder Mudrow and I got pretty wet because we are both heavier. We went on a really big Ferris Wheel that actually was pretty scary towards me because of how slow it moves. Lastly we went to the little kids section and we played in one of those foam ball shooting areas as well as riding on a merry-go-round.

We had a blast and a half of a day. But sadly to say after members made dinner for us that night (they always have a dinner for missionaries who are moving or going home) and felt obliged to try everything since this dinner was for me, I ended up throwing up that night because I was still feeling dizzy. Thank goodness it didn't happen until we were home at our apartment. But so I couldn't finish packing that night. I went to bed at like 11 then had to wake up at 5 to finish packing and then got on the train at 7:30 with Elder Mudrow and Elder Chia to jump off at Zhanghua while they went on north to Taizhong. Also a slip up of communication was that I was suppose to call the Zhanghua Elders I am staying with for this week. I came out the station and no one was there. So I waited around 15 or 20 minutes, then called Elder Mudrow's cell number to get them to call around for me and let the other Elders know. Not until an hour later did they show up, none other than with a Sister's bike. So yup I am biking around this week with a Sister's bike :P ...........

So why do I get 2 P-days!? Because the Zhanghua zone today went to the temple. And I just arrived in Zhanghua yesterday with no clue or idea at all that they were going to the temple. So sweet! I just got a second P-day.

It was so nice to go to the temple. I haven't been since last June. And yes I knew they had a newer version and everything since last August, but since being down south I never had the opportunity to go to the temple until now. I really liked attending though and going and doing an endowment session. I also got to do initiatories which was way neat since they had two booths by each other of one that was done in Chinese and one that was done in English. All the people I did things for were Chinese. Even the guy I did the Endowment for was from 0916. I think Elder McCulloch who was sitting next to me was from about 0620. Way old!

Well that is much of the happenings over the past few days. I have been way tired, not able to sleep my full 8 hours because of having to get up early (I had to get up at 4 last night since the bus was leaving at 6 for Taibei, which I finally saw the 101 for the first time but it was pretty fuzzy because of lots of clouds and pollution).

I love you all and hopefully will have lots to share next Monday with you!

Elder Roo