Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 23, 2014 - letter To Dad

Hey Dad!

So some BIG changes there in the Alpine Stake! Wow!!! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later that President Nilson would be released. He is such a good man and such a great leader. He has had such a profound impact on me and blessed my life so much. I hope his future will only continue onward and upward from here for him and his family.

I agrees whole heartedly that the Spirit testifies through us when we personally testify, rather than saying our church or mormons believe. It is something that comes from the heart and truly opens the channels for spirits to communicate which leave a lasting profound effect compared to physical.

This past week has been our Power Week. Wowee it has been so much more push on doing missionary work. We leave the door at 9 in the morning and eat super quick meals, preferrably ones on the go. But so each day we had challenges to try and achieve and if we hit the challenge or mission we would call President at night and tell him our names with mission accomplished. Monday was tract into 2 sit down lessons. Monday was to hand out 13 Book of Mormons with plans to follow up on their reading later in the week. Wednesday was to get 20 adds meaning exchange information with 20 people that each have a time set up to meet. Thursday was to extend 5 baptismal goals all for March 22. Friday was to confirm 15 people for church. Saturday was to talk with 20 families sharing about how the gospel can bless and help to have an eternal family. And Sunday was to have 4 investigators attend church. Elder Mudrow and I hit Monday, Friday, and Saturday's missions. We still worked hard and have had lots of success. We got 7 new investigators from this past week. 

Wednesday was hard though because it was cold and then ended up raining. We got pretty much soaked and had to return home to change into warm, dry clothese.

But Elder Mudrow and I this past week have been so blessed with so many miracles and blessings.

To start last Monday Elder Mudrow and I tracted into a Catholic Doctor. He had had missionaries contact him before, so he seemed like he had already heard the same old story and everything. But we really talked with him, we testified, and actually just standing in his doorway taught the whole 1st lesson on the Message of the Restoration. We gave him a Book of Mormon to read and set up to come back the next night. We came back the next night kind of with the plan to progress onto the next lesson. But he expressed that he felt like he didn't have any connection with the Book of Mormon or that it could help him like the Bible has or ancient Buddhist scripts have. So we completely focused on the Book of Mormon and read together with him, teaching, applying, and promising blessings to him. It completely changed his feelings around to that he wouldn't just give up but actually strive to pray and read. He has such a great understanding of view of life that he loves his family and he is cautious of not wanting to become to materialistic or caught up in things. But he feels a little sad as he feels his wife (who is from the Philippines) has become more materialistic. He really has his greatest care and concern for his wife and daughter. So we pray and hope that he will progress.

Then this past week we had dinner together with one of our investigators who has been investigating for 4 years. The following day he was going to have his baptismal interview and progress for his date of 3/8. But just so happens that night after dinner Jehova's Witnesses contacted him, and when we met the next day (took a little effort to get him to come to the church) he basically was doubting everything we have taught and shared with him. He believed the Bible but the Book of Mormon he didn't know anymore. Those darn JWs. We had a really powerful lesson to teach him of the Book of Mormon and gave him the assignment of 2 Nephi 29. He has read it but still hasn't prayed. He came to church though. I pray so much for him that he will progress and refind the answers he had had.

We were also blessed this last night to go and attend a fireside that Bishop Stevenson (the presiding Bishop) talked to us. He has such a powerful testimony and touched my heart with his testimony. 

So now the big news that I have now known for a week (since last Monday night). Elder Mudrow is training! :D good for him :( bad for me Elder Mudrow gets his new companion tomorrow. So I am moving out tomorrow morning up to Zhanghua 彰化. I am going to be with two native companions for this next week until the new move call starts next week and go to my new area. I am so sad to leave Jiayi and Elder Mudrow. At parts and times I have been sad and mad. But it has been such a blessing of patience, humility, and trust. The Lord knows his work and knows where He needs me and who is needed in Jiayi.

Lastly, today as my last P-day in Jiayi we are going to Fancy World! :D it is an amusement park that is Viking themed. The 4 man is going and we are going to have a blast and a half!

I love you so much and appreciate everything that you teach me and share with me. Your emails about change are no coincidence for this week. Then yesterday I got the email with the speech from Bro. Wilcox. I love that speech so much. It has opened my eyes so much.

Love you totally!

Elder Roo