Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 2, 2014 - letter to Dad

Hey Dad!
So for now the post office is closed through Wednesday. So I don't know when I will get them exactly. But that is alright. I have so much to do and so much to see and so much to serve.

Yeah definitely that time in New York was an interesting experience. There was a lot of fun, but also a lot of down times. But things have progressed so much and are not at that same spot anymore. That is way cool about sharing your testimony and meeting Mitt Romney and his wife. And then also the guy who served here in Taiwan. Yeah Jiayi is way beautiful.

Of course I am striving to work hard. I try each day. I work hard with the language. I strive as best I can in contacting to make people smile and laugh. Sometimes (a lesson I learned from Elder Mudrow) I just laugh when a person I am contacting is doing stupid things and not talking or giving the 不用 hand. It's just funny to see how people act and react to that which around them. Something about Elder Mudrow that I love so much is just his way of always having fun, just laughing, smiling in any situation but also working hard.

So yeah I completely forgot there was even the Super Bowl. Seriously being over here you just lost track of everything. There is just this great world of being a missionary and that is all you need to worry about. I also completely forgot that Olympics are almost right now going to start. I don't even remember where they are at. Maybe Russia? But sounds like New York was crazy. Definitely similar thing of when people ask where I am from they don't even know Utah at all. I have even met people who thought there were 52 or 53 states.

So this past week Chinese New Year started. Probably the hardest and most annoying thing about Chinese New Year is people saying when we ask to meet 過年後就好了. So lessons are really hard to set up with people or like a lot of our solid progressing investigators or recent converts leaving town and going home to their 老家. But it’s alright we still see and meet lots of people. Like the other night on Saturday we were tracting and ended up talking to a really nice guy and his son that were out walking. He said right off the bat he had met our 其他的傳教士, the 哈比人 or hobbits. Elder Mudrow and I were just laughing a lot because that was Elder Ng and Elder Chan who are definitely shorter than Elder Mudrow and I. He also called Elder Mudrow and I the football team. But yeah his English was not too bad and we feel like they will definitely come to English on Wednesday.

Later that night about 5 minutes after we tracted a guy’s house that outside was really beautiful with wood, green, and very Japanese feel to it. We started off introducing a bit and then I told him how his house was really beautiful (we are at the door), and he was like really?! He then started talking about how it creates a good environment and feeling. I was like yeah a very peaceful feeling. He then shouts out yeah, (pointing at me) I like this guy. Needless to say he went off for like the next 10 minutes talking about the whole set up, the feelings and moods it makes in a person, and even the interconnection between us and the plants and the elements. Even eventually talking about the interconnection that spans between me and you and mom and even talking about there is the 3rd dimension, but also 4th, 5th dimension and how Jesus is in the 5th dimension and that is how we can't see him. But yeah it was an interesting conversation.

So as for Chinese New Year there are some cools but also some disappointments. I had some expectations but so far some of them are let down. There really hasn't been any cool things that have happened. Everything just closes down. We get to eat meals at member’s homes (having up to 2 hours to eat with them). And they literally stuff you so full of food. It makes you feel 不太徐福, almost sick to your stomach. But last night’s dinner was really good with the District President's family. They made pasta with broccoli, sauce, chicken, then fruit as well as Costco muffins. They were so good. But there has definitely been lots of yummy meals with lots of traditional food. Sorry I don't have pictures, but we are only allowed to take pictures on P-days during our time of P-day. Definitely as I hear more and more, our mission is one of the most strict and obedient in the world. Not being prideful, but we hear and see about what missionaries are doing in different missions (even our sister mission) that just makes us wonder why they are doing that. 

Love you so much!

Elder Roo