Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feb 16, 2014 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

It's more important that you be visiting your mom and dad. Grandpa has been going through some difficult challenges and having surgery. Those are never fun or happy. I am sure to see one of his kids helped to cheer him up some. Elder Mudrow and I were actually talking about this last night about how in parts we actually just kind of forget about our families. Not badly. Just like we don't really know what is actually going on with them and so on. In parts though it helps us to focus all the more on what we do each day.

Yeah Dad talked about JD talking as well as Brea. He didn't mention where JD was going, but now I know because you mentioned. Thanks! :D Definitely these two people are huge examples of making choices, agency, the consequences of our choices, and enabling the healing power of the Atonement. I know a lot of people feel like they thought I was like an Alma the Younger. But if I was to call myself someone I would feel like it is more Aaron. Just from my experiences and going through serving in 鳳山 and now coming to 嘉義 where it seems like there are many miracles that I am blessed with. If you don't get my meaning go back read about Aaron and Ammon and compare the two experiences from the 4 sons of Mosiah parted ways until after Ammon comes and frees Aaron.

Of course, I couldn't turn it down when it said Snoopy. I will get a picture today actually. Some members called us this morning and invited us to come along to the burger place for lunch. So I will for sure get a picture for you! :D Maybe I will add another patty as well ;)

Yes it truly is a blessing how much the Lord blesses me. I have actually over the last day been thinking about the language blessing, because several, several people comment on that. Basically “你只有在台灣六個月和你的中文那麼厲害” or you are only on Taiwan for 6 months and your Chinese is that good. I mean it is nice that people compliment me, but I keep thinking that sometimes I feel this is a way that Satan uses to get people to not hear about the Gospel. Our time is precious with each and every person. So I have been feeling more than just feeling 不好意思 and trying to redirect the compliment that I will try the approach of directly upfront saying that I am God's servant and have come to Taiwan to share about the gospel and Jesus Christ. I feel sometimes that when people compliment they are kind of directing the conversation away from what we as missionaries are wanting to share. So my feelings are to try and direct it back to the gospel, but more importantly how it can bless them.

Well now to switch back over to Dad's email. I love you mom so much! Still haven't gotten the Valentines Day card, but that is ok. :D The Family Marts here have a special out for a couple weeks of soft serve strawberry ice cream.

Love Elder Roo