Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 2, 2014 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom! 

I hope all is well with you as Dad has been gone and off for work! I hope you and the puppies are having a fun time together.

Yes definitely I have fit in more and more as I have gotten situated and comfortable. It's been great.

Alright so Test Track sounds like it is pretty fun. That's a lot of improvements since I was there last. Definitely I would be stuck on designing the car for a long time. Which is funny the thought just coming to mind is actually how set on what I want to do with my future and what I want to study and what I know my interests are and everything. I have talked with Elder Mudrow and he says he will go to BYU (he hasn't gone to college yet) but he has no idea what he is going to do or even study, especially that first year.

So yeah that is Zhong. He cuts lots of missionaries hairs for free. I am surprised you didn't remember me telling about his mother passing away. We accompanied him when they did the whole burning the body and everything.

That's really sad about Grandpa being sick. That can't be any fun at all and probably a lot of pain and discomfort. I will keep him in my prayers. I wish I would have known earlier. I could have prayed earlier for him and especially could have fasted for him yesterday. That's all my purpose as a missionary. To help others. Right in the first words of our purpose "Help others". I will start now though to pray for him.

Oh yeah sorry another thought came to mind. My mind is a little all over the place right now. But since Dad was asking about what I want for my birthday, I just remembered something that I do not want you to send. Do not send pens! I do not need pens! At all! Especially since the ones you have sent are .7 mm ballpoint. They are great for when I am writing English or other things back home in the States. But over here first the Asians love their stationary stores and second I much prefer writing with smaller ballpoint pens. I am using a triple pen (three colors and can buy refills) that is .38 ballpoint. I had used a .28 ballpoint before, but it is too small for my taste. So yeah I have this .38 ballpoint triple pen that is pretty awesome. Elder Mudrow actually has the same as well as several other missionaries. Elder Mudrow calls it the super pen. But yeah it's the same brand, that Mitsubishi Uni-ball. But so yes you do not need to send me pens. To buy that super pen and three ink cartridges was like 68 kuai which is about 2 bucks. It's pretty cheap.

That's a bummer Elder Peterson needed to come home for a bit to get surgery done. That's actually kind of funny though that for P-day they were playing basketball. It seems like some of the last things here in Taiwan that we do is play sports with other missionaries. Definitely our 4 man does tons of things together. But like today we are going to some zoo place. In the future there is another zoo we will definitely go to, definitely will go to 阿里山 (really big mountain here by Jiayi), and then also go to Fancy World (we are really excited about this one). But yeah it always seems like we are going off to places. Also we have a Costco in our area. Definitely we can try and see if a member could take us, but I was also thinking if maybe you were ok and thought it safe to send me one of your Costco cards so that here or in future areas I would have a card myself to use at Costco (like still maybe have a member who could drive but maybe they don't have a Costco card). Just a thought. It's up to you.

It would actually be really weird and hard to come home for a week or two and then go back out. It would almost kind of throw off the whole groove of things and just really being 100% focused on the work and my purpose.

I will also keep Elder Rhodes in my prayer. White-washing is not an easy thing (it's almost kind of like what Elder Mudrow and I are doing. Elder Brinley was trained by Elder Woolsey. Elder Woolsey went home at Christmas and Elder Mudrow came. This was the mini-transfer. Then Elder Brinley moved at this last move-call and I came. So Elder Mudrow only had like 3 and half weeks here before I came. So we are definitely still getting to know the place and the branch). Sometimes the Lord puts us in very difficult and hard situations to test us to our limits. I know Elder Rhodes will be ok. He has always been one to keep smiling. But definitely I will pray for him.

Thanks for what you shared from your text book. That is really cool that you found that. 

I love you Mom! 我愛你!狠狠狠狠多!我每天想你!

Elder Roo 戴長老