Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 21st Letter

I am on right now yeah. Merry Christmas! I love you and your family so much! I was actually quite surprised to get the package actually. On Friday my companion moved (still in Gaoxiong, just up in the mountains). So we met up at the train station for Elder Ulrich to meet his new companion to go back to Qishan. So then I went with Elder Ensign and Elder McDougal (the other Lingya elders that are in the 4 man together with us) since my new companion, Elder Robinson, was not getting to Gaoxiong until 2 in the afternoon (he was coming from Taizhong). So we went north of our area in Gaoxiong city still to an area called Zuoying that has these really cool towers (one a dragon and one a tiger) with a lot of traditional cultural stuff. Regardless to say and long story short, I had a bike but my new companion Elder Robinson didn't so we got back to the apartment after the other elders did and I came into my room to see a package sitting on my bed. I was super happy and excited because at first I didn't know who it was from and then I didn't know what exactly could be in it. Then what made it even more funny was I was opening it and Elder Ensign was standing by as well to see what I got, and so I opened and started pulling stuff out and just kept pulling more and more Pop Tarts out! Me and Elder Ensign were just thinking there can't be more, but nope! There kept being more and more Pop Tarts. Thank you so much for the package. I guess you really took to heart of what I said about what you can send me.

So yeah I saw Dad's email but it is too late to talk with him because he is on the plane. But you are on. So as much as I feel imposing and embarrassed to come to the members home, the DeWitts have said it is no problem at all for us to come over at 9 to skype. So Elder McDougal and I are skyping at 9 in the morning our time (which I believe will be 7 your time). Then Elder Ensign and Elder Robinson are skyping at 10. The DeWitts are super, super nice. They said they even back home in Minnesota still invited the missionaries to come over and Skype.

Sahara and Zephyr will have plenty of energy then, I hope! Super happy and excited to see you and talk with everyone.

Love you so much!

Elder Dayley