Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 28th letter

Hey Mom!

Well I can tell you that the family that let us Skype is the DeWitts but I cannot remember the address right now. So I will have to get that to you next week. And then as for the family we ate dinner at was the....DeWitts. They love the missionaries and always have invited them over (not just Taiwan but all over the world). Their son with his family is visiting (will be here for about a month, he is in the Airforce). But super funny is that he smuggled a ham from America through so we got ham for Christmas dinner as well as many other traditional American food, and homemade apple pie!

It was so nice and good talking to everyone. I can't believe how much everyone has changed! It is nuts! I can't believe Allaina is skiing. I can't believe how much Zephyr loves cars, trucks, trains, and toy story. I can't believe that Sahara has all 13 Articles of Faith memorized. Everyone is growing and changing so much.

Well things need to be shorter for this week (plus we talked last week). Here is what I shared with President:

Hey President!
Well it was a wonderful week as Christmas came and the opportunity to talk with family. I loved the opportunity and chance I had to see them and talk with them. I certainly do miss them, but I have been working hard of setting in that I am here for the long run and won't quit or give up short before my time is up as a servant of the Lord in  Taiwan. It is actually really cool I had read over about President Hinckley (we all love the story of his dad telling him to forget himself and go to work) recounting later on in his life how that the thing that helped him to keep working hard and pressing forward was the moments when he recommitted himself to the work. I feel that almost every single person comes to points and times when they are stretched to their very limits and face what seems to them insurmountable, but as they turn over to the Lord what they are faced with and recommit to Him that they will work their hardest and serve their best, they quickly find themselves at the summit of this challenge looking back at the valley they had just traversed through. I know there have been many of these valleys that I look back on now and can see how each time I have made the choice to keep at it, recommit to the Lord, and then go forward trusting in Him I have come out well on the other side.

I am astounded at how much I have felt over the last week in my studies and Preach My Gospel have been talking of listening to or reading the word of God as strengthening faith (which I feel right now is one of the biggest things several of our investigators need right now since they all seem to have one little problem from keeping them immediately getting baptized). So in my studies I have been really trying to focusing more to preparing and giving more opportunities to my investigators that they may hear the word of God or to study the word of God.

We are doing good in 苓雅 and will work at getting more baptism goals on the board. We are really going to work hard at getting 2 baptisms in January (I have faith and know that we can hit it, we have the names to support these goals).

Love you and happy new year!
Elder Dayley

I love you lots and lots! And the family lots and lots!

Elder Roo