Thursday, January 1, 2015

November 16th 2014

Hey Dad!
Well I said I would devote more time this week to you and Mom and here I am. I have already emailed a few others, but haven't gotten to President yet. But I have been neglecting you too much. Sorry!

Well I will keep my eyes out and will hopefully be trying to mail off my Christmas package this week. Also you have stinking little intuition. I think you know me too well. Well for the most part I have been doing pretty good throughout the week to try and keep focused and more directed towards my purpose (the last couple days have been a little more struggle), but it has been good talking things out with Elder Williams who has a good ear and gives good advice. I am gearing up more this week to be myself, not worry, go out and have fun, and work hard. But before you get all crazy and what not, I am moving this week.

That is because finally after prayers and now almost 4 months, new missionaries are coming. 21 actually are coming this week. So move call actually happened last week, but only companionships with companions going home were affected. So not much moving happened last week. Then Saturday night the ZLs texted and said that move call is happening Friday, and that these people are moving (in my district that included me, Elder Davis, and Sister Anderson). Sister Anderson will probably be going back to Dakeng to keep being the Sister Training Leader until she goes home in like 4 weeks. As for the rest of us we don't know yet. So at least I got a little training from being in Jiayi, getting kicked out, and moving to Zhanghua for a week to then find out a week later I was staying there. It still is a little annoying so far in advanced that I am moving. Elder Anderson actually just barely about 30 minutes ago (we are all emailing together at an internet cafe, Elder Anderson is Elder Davis's companion and is one move call below me) that he is training. President just called him.

It actually came more to me this past week of how powerful fasting can be, not in the fast itself but in the principle of fasting. I think the mission has taught and testified to me so much of the Law of the Fast. So if you think about it with fasting, you forsake a natural and very much necessary part of your body to give focus and direction towards a higher cause and purpose. You start with a prayer, specifically asking for blessings and help, and most likely throughout the fast you focus, ponder, and think on that purpose. Of course throughout the day while you are fasting you have your tummy rumble, you may feel weaker, you may feel lightheaded, you have things yelling out and wanting you to see how much you are hungry and want to eat. Even when others are eating food it looks so much more appealing and appetizing. But I have come to see and learn with myself that I used to be a bit of stickler about fasting and wanted it to end so bad and would think about food or other things, or would even end early. Now though I have come to my fasting that really that tummy grumbling or other things don't even phase me. Now applying this to other aspects of life And that is being a missionary. I actually am starting to have greater respect and understanding for myself.

Wow that was pretty long. That is super cool that the Collings got to talk. I will for sure visit them when I get back. I think Brother Collings is a perfect person to teach and expound upon forgiveness and forgiving oneself. You will just have to tell them for me that I am grateful for what they have shared with me and that it still has influence on me today. Tell them they are wonderful (also I think one of their mission presidents spoke at our stake conference yesterday. He is from Hawaii, but I forgot his name, he said he served like 15 or 16 years ago).

Yes I did get the letter from Disneyworld. I think it is in my bag right now actually.

Dad I really like the poem you shared. It is actually funny and interesting. Last night Elder Williams and I got talking about some things. And somehow we got talking about Rocky. I had mentioned earlier in the night that sometimes I have a harder time to envision success. He mentioned to me how success will come and go, what you need to do is envision yourself being the best you can and putting forth all your effort in any circumstance. So to Rocky. Elder Williams boxes. So he loves Rocky as well. He pretty much gave me a synopsis of all 6 movies. And what is interesting is that Rocky in 6 of his fights actually doesn't win all of them. He only wins 3 of the fights. But he went through a whole process of learning to be himself and giving his best in the circumstance throughout.

As you asked about how the work is going. It's hard. It's the hardest thing ever. I felt like we went out worked pretty hard last week (still some moments where I know I can do better), but for all our work we had a total of 6 lessons (not including meeting with some members and families). This past week we had the challenge to get 50 adds (people who set up to meet with us) we got 19 or 20, which is a lot more than we usually do. But I don't think I have had as many people stand us up in a week as I have had this week. So the work has been hard, to be straight up. It definitely has tested my faith and I am kind of mending it a little bit right now. But the challenges will help to grow my faith.

We have one investigator who had a baptismal goal which dropped because he didn't come to church.. He has been super solid and good about reading (already into 2 Nephi) and praying twice a day. The hardest part for him is that he has grown up his whole life being Buddhist and its been rocking the boat a little to come to us saying that this is the true church. Just like having something so natural a part of you and someone saying that it isn't the best or the right one and that this is. So we have been praying for him, asking him to really sincerely pray, share with Heavenly Father his feelings. Which I feel he has been doing, so now it is to have faith and trust in Heavenly Father answering his prayers and that he will recognize it.

The RCs have been doing super good as always. Adolf a couple weeks ago went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead. Brother Lin is always super good and never having any problems. We shared and reviewed President Monson's talk with him and he already knew a ton about the ship Bismark, so it was pretty funny teaching the lesson.

Just a matter of letting worries and fears go and just being the best me possible. I know I can do it!

Love you so much!
Elder Dayley