Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sep 16, 2013 - letter to Dad

Hey Dad!

So won't be taking care of getting me fitted for my suit until next week when we go to pick up Elder Dailey's suit. But I can't wait for it. It will be so nice and slick and hen shuai (very handsome). The money shouldn't be a problem. It will be around from $200 to $300 in US dollars.

Yeah, I try to think everyday as Taiwan as my home, and it usually does feel like it. It's weird and insane to think that I already have 1 move call gone. I am progressing through the lesson evaluations. I already have the first 2 done and am planning to the do lesson 3, the Gospel, later this week. Phase 1 will be passed off and everything before I am done training, at least that is my goal.

Yeah, there are a couple hills to go on our bikes. However, they are not fun to climb. It's because our north boundary is the Train line so the roads either go over or under the train line. We have to go over these because our church is in Nuan Shan outside of our area. So we have two ways we can take. We call one Death Mountain and the other Rainbow Road. Can you guess which one we like more? :) Death Mountain goes up and over the top of the train line. It's a hard climb but you go really fast coming down. I always end up in my highest gear. Rainbow road goes under but its really cool because they have the main road that is much lower going under but then they have a little road that is a about 5 feet across or less that goes down through a little tunnel and then back up. So its really fun flying through the tunnel way fast. Elder Dailey can usually go a bit faster because he doesn't have his box on his bike anymore. I have my box which puts some extra weight there. But yes, even sometimes we pass cars or scooters. The funniest thing I think though is that at a red light its like the start of a Mario Kart race. No joke we can probably get sometimes 40 or 50 scooters waiting at this red light and we are right in the middle of them. So the light turns green and Elder Dailey and I start pedaling and scooters just come flying by all around us. It's like being in a race that everyone is faster than you.

I strive to ask questions and see how I can help people. I say prayers always before we are contacting or going tracting that I may speak what the Lord would have me speak. Many times I ask where people are going and then if they just got off work or school. Still, my vocab isn't the best to be able to ask more about life stuff, but it will get there.

We have had many opportunities for giving Priesthood blessings. After tonight (we are going with the Elders Quorum President who is such a good guy and always trying to do what's right and always wanting to help and really working hard with the missionary effort) we will have now gone to the hospital 4 times and give blessings since I have been here.

Sounds pretty cool on the Legos and thanks for getting things together for me. Sorry I can be a hassel sometimes.

Thanks for the comfort scripture. I really have found many little nuggets of spiritual comfort in Psalms as well as Proverbs.

So I was thinking this a lot this last week. Elder Dailey was there to talk to and helped me feel better. But I miss you. I miss doing everything with you from golfing, movies like Red Box or the theaters, playing board games, Real games, or just doing anything together. I really miss it a lot and miss you. But Elder Dailey helped in talking with him about these feelings and him telling me that you would want me here on a mission rather than this time being spent at home doing things with you. He said that our relationship will grow so much more and expand so much more with me half way around the world than if I was just home right now. So I have my finish line that I know is way out there, but I am running mile 1 right now and will push on till I run through that 13.1 marker.

I love you so much with all my heart!
Elder Dayley