Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sep 23, 2013 - letter to Mom

Sorry, so I was just beginning to write your email and all of a sudden the computer turned off. We have time limits here at the wanka and apparently the people at the front can turn computers off. The lady at the front "an cuo le" meaning she pressed the wrong one. So she gave us another hour to do stuff. So I will email you and then off to do P-day.

Sounds like a great quote. It will be nice to have. Thank you so much for sending the package. It will be so nice to get. I haven't gotten any mail since I have been here except a few things from the mission office like my Alien Resident Card.

You will pass your Calculus Block class. You are already so far ahead. I am right now planning to pass of my phase 1 language study by the end of this second move call. I have my Lessons 1-3 pass off with the Zone leaders to do, Lesson 4 and 5 with the District Leader, and then Lessons 1-5 with the zone leaders. So almost every week I will be doing an evaluation. 

I wish sometimes I could just have your life of school, house cleaning, puppy play time, scripture study, dad. It seems so nice and great. Not going to lie sometimes missionary life can be really stressful, and can really work up my anxieties and nervousness. But I try each day and learn new things each day to help and not feeling these feelings. I don't maybe you have any personal insight or wisdom to share on it. I know that I think and feel a lot of the same ways as you do and have so much I can learn from you in how to live life.

Love you so much mom!
Elder Dayley