Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sep 16, 2013 - letter to Mom

Yeah I tell my comp that all the time, that he is awesome.

So that is pretty much how it is with the Chinese. The tones make it all the much more crazier and much harder. But my ting de donging skills (listening and understanding) have excelled so much. So many members and investigators tell me this. And even say that I am even further along than other Elders. I know the Lord is blessing me and helping me with this.

I know you are capable of handling the work that is given you and you know your limits. The Lord will help you with your school as well as your callings. Just turn to him in prayer and he will help you.

Cool that you marked my requests. Yeah I bought a CD player so I can listen to other music as well. When Elder Dailey and I go to the Suit store next week we will stop at a music store as well. Yeah the Zelda music is good. Elder Dailey told me that Elder Hellberg had Zelda music and they would listen to it. Make sure to get some from all the different games, especially there is one from Windwaker that is really good (it has some clapping and other rhythmic beats like that). But thank you so much for getting this stuff together. I know I can be a bother.

I miss the dogs like none other. I see so many weiner dogs here and I always think of Rusty and Miko and miss them.

Sorry this email will have to be short. Almost out of time. I had 17 emails in my mailbox today when I logged on.

The Lord has blessed me in contacting. It's become better and I have been praying that the Lord would help. I know he has answered my prayers.

Love you!
Elder Dayley