Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 20, 2013 - letter to Dad

So I read through all of your email. Don't really have much time to reply. Sorry. If you want me to reply or talk about anything, remind me of it in next week's email and I will.

But so I really appreciate all that you have said. It's really touching and moving. It's helpful, its strengthening. It's a blessing.

So even Elder Dailey notices how fast I learn, more so on the language side. He said I am ridiculous like last week with a less active we had shared with him the previous time a Elder Holland talk about belief and faith and him saying to lean on his testimony. That talk. But this time I had prepared something that I thought I would have to have Elder Dailey say it. It was a more real life example to talk about having a desire to believe, believing, and faith. I ended up basically sharing the whole thing (of course in Chinese) about creating a car, seeing other peoples' cars, but not really believing or having faith until you actually start the car once it is created and driving it. This is like to when you have a desire to believe you can create the car, but until you act, until you read, pray, and attend church, it won't grow and develop.

Well got to go! I love you lots! Will have a letter being sent with Elder Dailey

Elder Dayley