Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oct 7, 2013 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

So first about the suit I bought over here...I really don't think I will wear it at all since we use our bikes to pretty much to go anywhere and I don't want to risk rubbing away or ruining the pants. This suit will be my baby. It's wool as well. 

No, Dad did not mention about the snow, but winter is coming. Doesn't really feel any different here in Taiwan, especially being on the south of the island and pretty much at sea level. Nature is so beautiful though and truly one of the greatest blessings that Heavenly Father gives us.

Alright so for letters and package. I got Dad's letter from the 26th of September last Friday. Then I got the package last Saturday. So not too bad on the timing and everything. Thank you so much for sending the things though!!! Really!!! It was all much appreciated.

So yes, the music really is decided by each Mission President. President Blickenstaff has simply stated that as long as you feel it is uplifting and invites the Spirit, and that both members of the companionship want to listen, then you can listen. So I feel that appropriate soundtracks are very good. They are instrumental and beautiful. One note though, is if you send more music, make sure it is in .mp3 format. If not, it will not work on my CD player. It's alright with the CDs you have sent. They were in .m4a format, but a very generous and kind ward member is going to convert the discs to .mp3. We are going to buy him dinner. He has helped Elder Dailey and I so much, especially with being a member present at many of our lessons.

My response for you about my Christmas package is not "I don't need anything", it is "I honestly don't know what I need". So I guess I just leave that for you to decided. As for clothes it's not too bad. It is a little annoying that on a couple pairs of my pants that the stitching for the hemming has come out. So I just need to work on those and fix them or something. But shoes are good and everything. I have 3 pairs which I plan should last me the whole time. All of my pants are reinforced in the back area, so they should be good for awhile. Later, I might have to buy another pair or two. Other missionaries, like Elder Dailey, have done that here, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

So the reason Elder Dailey does not have a bike box is because his book frame part on the back over the wheel rusted on the inside quite early on (my frame is better). So he had put a chop stick in there to reinforce it. It broke as well, so he just took his box off completely. He has a basket up front though.

Well just plugging along here in Taiwan. I wish I could share more, especially what I see each day, but we are only allowed to take pics on P-day.

I love you so much!
Elder Dayley