Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 14, 2013 - letter to Dad

Hey Dad!!!

Yeah I wish I could be there to comfort the puppies and play with them. I don't think I mention it much, but I see a lot of weiner dogs here actually. I was really sad though one day because twice I saw two of the fattest weiner dogs ever and I felt so bad and sad for them. :(

Alright now for our young investigator. So this past week has been fun and interesting. First I went on exchanges again with Elder Vandiford, but this time he came to my area. So I was senior companion for a day and was in charge of leading and handling the cell phone. That was fun. But so we stopped by the young investigator's dian that him and his family work at (we usually always stop by about 6 or 6:30 at night) and he was running out the door for class. So I told him we only wanted to talk for a few minutes. We sat down and went a little more thoroughly with him about the Sabbath day because I think Elder Dailey and I hadn't fully emphasized about not buying things on the Sabbath when we met with him before. But he said that wasn't a problem especially since he doesn't have any money. But he also got to meet Elder Vandiford who would do his baptismal interview. We had a prayer with him and then he had to go. Then last Saturday Elder Dailey, a ward member, and I sat down and taught Wayne about the Ten Commandments, Following the Prophet, and Obeying and Honoring the Law. It went really well and he is willing to obey all of them. We then talked with him a bit more about the baptismal interview and also seeing where he was at in his conversion. We were a little bit nervous because he was saying about baptism that it seems like the right thing to do and that the Book of Mormon seems right. So we invited him that night to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but to sincerely pray and pray with the desire to know and understand. We had set up to have his baptismal interview the following morning at 8 before conference started, but than his Dad came up and said that he needed to stay home to help out at the dian (I think if I heard right his Dad wouldn't be there in the morning). But so we managed to be able to have the young investigator at least come for an hour at 8 to have his interview (we were sad that he didn't get to hear conference). So that night Elder Dailey and I prayed for the young investigator, as well as our ward member that was helping, that he would receive his Spiritual witness and could firmly say that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. Sunday morning came, and we went to pick up the young investigator and ride bikes together to Church. We got there and Elder Vandiford went through the interview with him...........and he passed! He is ready to be baptized. Elder Vandiford was telling us that at first when he asked about some things that the young investigator was saying that it seemed like the right thing to do. So Elder Vandiford was a bit nervous. But he is a really great Elder and is a good person who knows how to talk and listen, so he was able to talk to the young investigator and really have him open up. Elder Vandiford said that he is super solid and really good. He said the young investigator knows these things are true. That he has thought these things out logically but as well as spiritually and has felt the Spirit when praying and about the Book of Mormon. So we are way excited. Because this next week is Stake Conference and the week after Saturday can't be done because some meeting for recent converts is going on and that Wayne has a very limited schedule to work with, he will be baptized next Sunday from 3-4 and will be confirmed right after. Yeah this is the investigator we stumbled into (and by no means was it actually stumbling, but that the Spirit directed) because Elder Dailey and I had been obedient following our plan of trying to visit less actives in the ward in that area, and then we both really needed to go to the bathroom and tried 3 different Family Marts and Seven Elevens, but none of them had bathrooms. So at the last Family Mart, Elder Dailey just decided lets go across the street to this dian and ask to use their bathroom. And that is how we met Wayne.

So as for Sister Goldade's information there might be a way. I can't email her. But I found out that Sister Goldade will be going home the same time as Elder Dailey. So he will see her at the mission home I presume. So I will already be telling Elder Dailey to say hi and everything to her since I haven't seen her at all since I have been to Taiwan (she is the only one from my old district I haven't seen which makes me really sad because she was one of the ones who was most supportive and wrote me). So I guess I could go through Elder Dailey to get info sent along to you.

Ok well here goes my last part. I have a lot on my mind and I will try to get as much out and as clear as I can with the time I have and everything. I also hope I am clear so I can hear back as best the response possible. I really do believe that you know what I feel and think and go through even though you are 10000 miles away. Also your letter that I got talking about inspiration really was a miracle. I got it on Friday and it was nice to read. But we met with one of the less actives that we have been working with. But he feels like that he doesn't really know anything and such like God, BoM, or Joseph Smith. So your letter I actually shared parts out of it especially the last part (this is the one letter where Eva got lost) and it really I think helped him. Elder Dailey and I really felt the Spirit and I feel it helped to testify to him.

Well so first is General Conference. When I heard President Eyring's talk in Priesthood I just thought of you. I didn't really write much on what he was exactly saying, but I did write this:
My Dad, the Elders Quorum President, is the good Samaritan. I am thankful for the example my Dad has set for me. Even before being called to such a leadership position with much demand and need for self-devotion, my Dad was a good Samaritan. He was, is, and will always be a selfless man. He never questions, never doubts, never mumbles or groans, but simply, humbly, willfully rises up to his calling as an Elders Quorum President, an Elder, a husband, a brother, a father, a son, and most importantly a son of God, to serve and raise arms that hang down weak, to lift knees that fall down in hopelessness. My Dad stands as a beacon to me as well as others to follow and lift with him. To stand where we are and lift together. I am glad that I can call my Dad, Dad and that I have been and am blessed to be his son.

So Conference was really great for me though. That much of each part really applied to me and have helped. So the hard part that I have been completely honest and open and striving to be obedient.  I firmly believe that I can obtain this as well and really am earnestly striving to obtain this gift. I have been praying about it and have actually felt Heavenly Father's strength already being blessed to me this morning. Another part was that Elder Dailey and I had been struggling a bit with making sure to go to bed on time. We sometimes stay up talking. But last night we went to bed on time and we have made it a commitment that we will go to bed on time. One of my other greatest struggles and I mentioned this last week how it is manifest even sometimes in my missionary work is beating myself up, being to hard on myself, and not forgiving myself very easily. Well I went to conference for Sunday at Church  and the morning session really helped in many ways. In most particular was Elder Scott's talk. I did get a little disappointed because I really felt that Elder Scott's talk was what I needed to hear right at that moment and Elder Dailey and I had noticed out the window our investigator go walking by. So we thought he was leaving, so Elder Dailey gets up to go out and go talk to him. I got pretty upset because I was not wanting to leave listening to Elder Scott (because I have to remain with my companion) but I had to leave anyways. We went out and talked with our investigator and found out that he was just walking around and moving to wake up some (he has been doing good to not smoke and not drink coffee at all). But so that took about 5 minutes and I came back in at the point where Elder Scott is talking about how the Lord sees weaknesses differently than rebellion. At the end of the talk I realized how I was acting wrongly and asked HF to forgive me for when we got up to go talk with the investigator. But I most particularly liked that Elder Scott talked about how that the Lord sees weaknesses differently than rebellion, that He sees weaknesses with mercy. And that to fill your life with service to others. As you lose yourself in serving others, Satan's temptations lose their power. So we had gone out tracting after dinner last night for about an hour and a half, almost 2 hours. But it felt good and helped me to feel better. Granted I am still working with the contacting on scooters (they still make me nervous and everything, especially when having a time limit. But Elder Vandiford told me something to help for me is to look at them as mini-lessons). I know you said in your email that you are proud of me and everything. I feel so many times as an imperfect missionary, that I feel inadequate, that I let you down and others, that my confidence in myself sometimes is really low. Am I a good missionary? I hate sometimes seeing other missionaries because then I feel so  inadequate unlike them. I know I am not perfect.  I am sure through prayer and other aspects this weeks I will receive answers and line upon line. I will look forward to your wisdom and advice and love though.

So that is a lot from my week that has happened. Elder Dailey and I will be going today to pick up our suits. Hopefully it will be all ready and not need to be altered anymore or anything.

Dad, I really love you with all my heart, I miss you, and look up to you in so many ways.

Elder Dayley