Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 20, 2013 - letter to Mom

Alright then, this will have to be a short letter. I am so sorry. I really enjoy my email time. But today I had to make a sacrifice of the time for only having an hour to do it since we went south to Kending.

Yes I love my LEGOs. I have moved my little Snow Trooper guy to the front of my backpack strap so he is in front now. Too bad you can't see through his eyes what I see everyday.

Alright if its wrapped I won't open it. Like the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar that you sent and I already opened the first one. Yeah pretty much you can always send me Star Wars stuff. Star Wars is my most favorite.

Thanks for what you shared about responses to my email and what you were blessed in feeling. That touches me and means a lot. 

Also know that I read all of your emails, everything all the way through. Sorry I won't have much to reply to. Just trying to say what I can.

I am sending a letter with Elder Dailey so I will write down my new convert's story in that.

Good Luck with your Beehives and the song. It will go great! I know it will!

If you want me to reply or say anything more, say it again in next weeks email.

Love You!

Elder Dayley