Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 14, 2013 - letter to Mom

Li He Mama! (that's Taiyu for hello, the native language of Taiwan)

That's interesting that it is getting really wet back there especially since Utah is a desert. Yeah we get wet here and such. But since we have moved out of the summer and rainy season it doesn't rain as frequently or often. Last time it rained was last Thursday, and before that I don't remember.

Cool cool that JD Spencer will be getting his call soon. Also, that is crazy that it is already time for Tate to go out. Wish him luck and to also not get overly frustrated or worried about the language (Chinese in no way is it easy at all). It definitely takes time to speak it and understand it. I know that I have been greatly blessed with the language and what I can say and understand. Elder Dailey has said and even when he talks with members and such that I understand about 50% of day to day talk that is said and about 80% of gospel talk that is said. He even says that I surprise him sometimes with things that I say. He said a couple weeks back that my language at that time was probably what most 3rd or 4th move call missionaries are at. So that made me feel good :)

As for Kevin I haven't heard anything of late for the last couple weeks. But he says he is progressing along and is really close to putting his papers in.

By far General Conference was amazing, awesome, stupendous, strengthening, and how President Monson said the most inspiring Conference ever! I loved it so much. Though I really missed being at home to watch it and being with you and Dad. We got to watch conference at our chapel. I guess our chapel building that the San Min Ward, Yuan Shan Ward, and our ward, the Feng Shan Ward, meet in is actually that Stake Center. But so up on the 3rd floor with the sacrament area as well as the basketball gym was where they watched the Chinese broadcast. Down on the 1st floor in the Institute classroom as well as where we have Gospel Principles and Priesthood on Sundays is where we watched the English Broadcast. Pretty much all us missionaries as well as a few members were down there watching the English broadcast. But so Conference since it was downloaded and then hooked up to the TV started at 9 in the morning. We watched pretty much straight with a lunch break inbetween straight 6  hours of conference. This is where I am kind of glad to be a guy because we got to watch Priesthood session (which yes is my favorite session) rather than the Sisters leaving after the afternoon session to go out and start proselyting. Then Sunday we started at 9 again watching both morning and afternoon with a lunch break inbetween.

So the talks I enjoyed the most were first Elder Edward Dube because it was fun to watch him speak and see his enthusiasm ("Mom! Look! Look at how much we have done!"). Then both President Uchtdorf's talks from afternoon session and priesthood session. Then Elder Scott's talk from Sunday morning session.

Now transfers happen in two weeks. Elder Dailey and I only have two more weeks together :( I will find out the Saturday night before who my new companion will be. Then come Monday I will take Elder Dailey to the train station in Gaoxiong as well as Elder Turner will be taking Elder Vandiford as well. Then most likely (depends on where our new companions are coming from) Elder Turner and I will be companions for a little bit until our new ones arrive. So yeah that will be coming up quick. But I don't know after that how long I will be in Feng Shan. I could leave in December or end of January or possibly even later.

Alright well that's a bit much about this past week. So one thing I was thinking that you could send in the Christmas package is either another Lego Star Wars key chain (preferably either one of the little astromech droids like R2-D2 or one of the storm troopers or clone troopers (I already have the snow trooper with me)) or maybe see if there is some cool Top Gear key chain (like either the Stig or Top Gear). Just an idea.

I love you lots!!!!

Elder Dayley