Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 2, 2013 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!
     Yes, yes I will be working on keeping my eyes out for some cool unique snoopy thing over here.
Sounds like you had a good dinner still. Yes it is sad that neither Allisa nor I were not there for Thanksgiving. Man Man Lai, or slowly come. It is weird to think but I have been away from home now 6 months. That is already 1/4 of my mission! Wah!!! Where does the time go?
     I honestly don't know though if I would be an expert carver. Nothing like Dad for sure. He is a pro.
     I am sure if you were to see me there would be many things that would surprise you. Really!!!!!! Like there was one time Elder Dailey and I went to a resteraunt (still can never spell that word). We ate their once before with our Recent Convert (RC). But this time it was just us (it is Korean style). But so I remember what I ordered the previous time and thought that was good. But as I was looking at the menu I couldn't between two which was the right one (because it is all in Chinese Characters). So I picked one that I thought it was right. Turns out it wasn't. They came out with this big bowl that included noodles, soup, hundreds of small little minos (those little tiny fish), muscles, two shrimp (and they are the whole shrimp, head, legs, and everything), and as well as some little tiny octopus about the size of a golf ball). I just sat there for a minute and was staring at it and contemplating in my head "crap, this is not what I had last time, but I don't want to leave food sitting here, so........". And so I just jumped in and started eating it. Needless to say I ate at least 2/3 to 3/4 of it. Elder Dailey was totally surprised that I starting eating it and ate so much of it. After I ate as much as I could feel like without feeling embarrassed of leaving uneaten food I said "Dad, can I go get a candy bar now?" (p.s. Trainers and Trainees have the joke of Dad and Son). And that is just what we did. I went and bought a Twix as well as a bag of Mint Crispy M&Ms (I think I forgot to tell you that yeah they have Mint Crispy M&Ms here. Sweet!!!!).
But so yes this week was much better.

Love you lots!

Elder Roo