Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nov 11, 2013 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

     I didn't even realize or remember that your anniversary was this Friday. This is a testament to how bad my memory is. Well Happy Anniversary! I know it will be a little different that you will spend it at the Dailey's home instead. But I think really one day won't make a difference. Enjoy your anniversary and talking with Elder Dailey.
     I know I keep trying to do what I can. We had interviews this past week with President Blickenstaff, and I expressed to him the worries I am having and that I feel a lot of doubts that I am doing my best and such but that nothing is happening right now. President Blickenstaff told me I do not need to be placing all the mission's worries on my shoulders and doing that to myself. He told me that it is a progression and that right now there might not seem like any success, but over the course of the mission I will see the results and reasons from being in Fengshan. To be honest the other hard part sometimes as I really try to do my best, is that I feel at times I don't do my best or can't because of being with a different companion. To best describe switching companions is like trying to jump from a bullet train to a steam locomotive. Both moving forward but at different speeds. With my first companion here, I was very much accustomed to being very strict and disciplined with the time and such. But my current companion is a much more relaxed and slower paced missionary. I guess best way to describe it is that he isn't as studious about the time and such. He moves at a slower pace. So sometimes it's been hard for me and I try to say and make sure we get going at times and that we use our time effectively. But sometimes it is really hard because it feels like I have to do it all the time. It feels if I let up really at all that it just slips back into a very much slower pace and lax way. I know I must not run faster or go faster than my companion is capable (being considerate of my companion's needs and not dragging him along behind me) but sometimes I feel like I know and am capable of giving or being that much more diligent, but then my companion, because of his nature, is a little slower and not up to that speed. I don't know, have any advice or such?
     Yeah I can't wait for the holidays and the time approaching for our first Skype call! I honestly don't really even know what I will say or want to say.
     Cool cool about the package, something to look forward to over the next few weeks. I have two exchanges I will be doing this week (I actually had an exchange last week with our district leader and another missionary. They came down to Fengshan. It was a lot of fun). Tomorrow my companion will go up to Yuanshan and be with the district leader this time and the district leader's comp will come down to Fengshan and be with me. Yay! MTC companions back together again. It will be good to see him again. Then on Friday we are exchanging with the Zone Leaders. My comp will go to San Min and I will stay here in Fengshan for the exchange.

I love you lots!
Elder Roo