Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 23, 2013 - Christmas Testimony

Hi Dad,
     Well as time for emailing is coming to a close and as I will be talking with you in less than 48 hours, I don't really feel or have much to actually say in email this week. I do have photos to share and such. Oh and by the way Allisa within about 5 minutes of opening your package I figured out that you sent me lightsabers (yeah sorry to spoil the whole surprise, I will still be as excited as ever Christmas morning and will whack Elder Chen with them still). Maybe you should just follow Dad's example of writing on the outside of the package when listing contents of just Pens, Snacks, etc. Rather than Toy Plastic Swords. But its all good. As I have learned 好玩就好了
     I feel that as it is Christmas and this week we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ 耶穌基督, I would like to share my testimony.
     I know that Jesus Christ lives. There really is no sweeter sentence than this. Truly as we see His life and what He has done, it has been full of love. Never for His own benefit. Never for His own pleasure. Never for His own gain. Never words of complaint or murmur. Always love, compassion, and selflessness. To build off of last week, after Christ was tempted to turn rocks to bread to satisfy His own hunger, He came to Cana where His first miracle is recorded. While at a marriage feast, His mother was overseeing the providing of food and drink. However, the wine had run out. She turned to Jesus, knowing in part of his supernatural powers, but perchance not fully comprehending them, asked or stated about the wine run out. Jesus's response while may appear harsh, actually has great esteem of respect and love as He says "Woman, what hast though to do with me? My time has not yet come." Woman in the singular aspect during that time actually had an attribute of queenliness as well as women who are blessed with maternity receive the sacred name and honor of mother. But similarly every child has but one woman who is that figure in their lives. There are not many women. It is but one woman. And so it was with Christ. He viewed that the time for Him to perform the miracle of providing wine had not yet come. But when He did change the water to wine, it was not for his own benefit or blessing, but it was for the benefit and blessing of others. Let us strive to emulate the Christ. He is our advocate. He is our Prince of Peace. He is our Shepherd. He has trodden the wine press so that we may not suffer the agonies of our sins and our mistakes. As for me and my future spouse and family, we will always heed the call of the good shepherd and look to Christ in all deed and thought. Truly when we think of Christ there will be no desire to sin or to even hurt those around us. So let us think of Christ not just at this one instance, but everyday and throughout our whole lives!
      I love you all so much! 我愛你們!Can't wait to talk to you in a little bit!
Elder Roo