Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nov 18, 2013 - letter to Mom

Hey Mom!

Sweet about the packages. I will keep my eyes open and as well have the batteries ready when it comes. It will be exciting when they come. I definitely always look forward to mail and packages. Even the ads for the grocery store we shop at I look forward to so I can read it while I eat breakfast. Cool cool. And you know me, I am careful with my things, I will not go at the package like a lunatic with a knife.

So for the Axe hair cream funny thing happened the previous Sunday but I forgot to say it last week in the email. Right now I am using one can and have another extra one I think. But Sunday morning I was opening my Axe can and it slipped out of my hands.......right into the sink.........Initially of course my reaction was oh crap, that is so not fair. But after like 5 seconds I was just calm and such. But so about half of the cream fell into the sink. So I began working my best to scoop it with my hands and put it back into the can. Needless to say I think I lost about 1/4 to a 1/3 of my hair cream from that can.

Cool cool you have 2 midterms done and that your professor goes that far and is that caring to get to know each of his students. And yes I am probably going to go to BYU when I come back. That is also another reason for going to BYU is all the cute girls, especially since they have good standards and the same goal of marriage in the temple. If you passed my photo and address along, you honestly would rank as the coolest mom ever and probably even more confident and courageous than I am.

So you got to go eat with the Dailey's this past week. Fun fun. I am sure that was cool to listen to Matt. Yeah let me tell you something about winter melon tea. When I first got here and had the first time I didn't like it. The second time was so-so. By the third time I liked it. And yes the starch balls are interesting with it. But winter melon tea with milk is so good! So all those stories you mentioned were all from one person. That is our RC. The one that is the hair stylist. He is quite the character. But he actually came home this past Saturday (he left last Monday to go for 4 weeks and do a short term mission) because his mom had had a stroke. So Elder Chen and I with Frank went to the hospital a little after he had gone there on Saturday (it was not in our area or zone I believe so we had to get the Assistant's permission) to visit and support. Elder Chen and I gave the RC's mom a blessing. I anointed the oil and Elder Chen gave the blessing. Right after we finished they took his mom into the ICU. I have to say since I have been in Taiwan for now almost 4 months, I have been to the hospital more within this amount of time I think than my whole life. I have probably participated in about 8-10 blessings as well as other visits to the hospital. It's crazy what you do and have the authority to do as missionaries.

Yeah Elder Dailey was pretty busy the last several nights getting everything together. So I wasn't fully expecting to have a letter at that time. That is why I wrote my letter for him over a week before he left. He told me he read it twice on the plane and it made him cry.

Thanks for sharing what was taught in YW's. Definitely always need a reminder and to always review and be taught the essentials.

Love you oh so much!

Elder Dayley