Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30, 2013

Hey Mom,
   It was so good to talk to you and everyone. Definitely I am at some of my happiest moments. But at the same time there are some of the lowest or hardest or can be depressing moments I feel of my life here. The best way we missionaries have come to describe a mission is that it is like taking a full life and cramming it into 2 years. You get all the highs and lows of emotions and everything all packed together (and yes they have often times happened in one day of highs and lows). And furthermore the highs and lows are enlarged to greater extremes. So some days it really is an emotional roller coaster.
   Yeah, it is hard when people close to you leave. Elder Turner, my MTC companion, had been right by me ever since we came to the island and now, just this past week, he moved to Taizhong. So I don't know when I will see him again. Quite possibly it could not be until next Christmas gathering. But that is what life is all full of.
   Correction on the cookie photos from last time. Elder Chen helped buy some ingredients and clean the dishes. He polished our shoes while I made the cookies .
   You know it's interesting you mention about resolutions and wanting to do things. It sometimes feels a little bit weird and different as a missionary we have the chance to actually very more acutely manage and track what we want to accomplish and do accomplish. The easiest way is through move calls. They are every six weeks and actually give good opportunity to set goals and the time to actually accomplish meaningful things. You mentioned about finishing the Book of Mormon. I would invite you then to read Doctrine and Covenants or to read Jesus the Christ. I am reading my second time through Jesus the Christ. I love it so much. It is so deep in knowledge and spiritual treasure. Actually, the other day, Elder Chen was not feeling well and I had the chance to read the Book of Mormon a lot. Normally, when I read, I sometimes have the struggle to stay awake and usually end up nodding. But this time I was wide awake and was just eating up what I was reading. I was learning so much and being spiritually edified so much. I read all the way from the beginning of Jacob to Mosiah 5 in an afternoon. But I loved reading about the vineyard in Jacob (it makes so much sense and is so beautiful). Then it was really informative as well as spiritually good seeing the testimonies and knowledge the different prophets and men wrote down as the Book of Mormon switches hands several times before Mosiah. But I definitely have some ideas and such for myself that I want to work towards.

I love you so much!
Elder Roo